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The Filmaholic

About The Filmaholic

The Filmaholic is a platform that allows you to keep track of films that you watch, discover new films to watch and get advanced statistics related to all of your watch history and habits in increments of weeks, months and years.

Managed by a single person team, I originally looked at the other services available, but either didn't like what they offered or they didn't fully offer the information I wanted. Plus, they all wanted to charge a never-ending subscription to only offer limited statistics. The Filmaholic offers both a one-time lifetime fee or smaller ongoing monthly subscriptions.

The Filmaholic Features

The site has a huge amount of features which are being enhanced and added to on a daily basis; As such I can't include everything here, but here are some of the most important ones...

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Track Which Films You Watch

Track films as you watch them. Easily track different versions of a film you've seen, such as a director's cut, and how you watched the film, such as a streaming service, DVD, Blu-Ray, or at the cinema.

Boxset Tracking

Quickly and easily see how many films in a boxset you've seen, how many are left to go, the actors and actresses that have appeared in any and all of the films, plus more.

Stats For Just About Everything

Want to know many films you watched? Most watched cast and crew? Most watched characters? Or maybe even what genre you watched most often before bed; The Filmaholic (probably) has a stat for it.

Build Your Profile

List your favourite films, actors, actresses, directors, genres and, in future, follow other users to see theirs. Take a look at The Filmaholic's profile to see how it looks.

Make and Track Lists

Make a list of films and, in future, actors, directors, characters, genres, boxsets. Make them private, ranked or unranked and track your progress for film and boxset lists.

Find Streaming Options For Cast & Crew

Want to watch a film starring a favourite actor? Or maybe you're on a Jack Nicholson or Chris Nolan binge? With The Filmaholic, you can easily find which films are streaming, and where.

Track Every Version of a Film

Whether it's the Special Edition of Aliens, the Final Cut of Blade Runner or the Argento Cut of Dawn of the Dead, or just the theatrical you can track any and all versions.

Browse By Unique Genres

The Filmaholic features over 200 genres, including more niche sub-genres such as Cult Classics, Revenge Films, and Dystopic Worlds, Gangsters/Mafia and many more.

Film Recommendation Tool

Find films to watch with a combination of filters. including runtime, year range, genres and genre-pairs, language and exclude or include/exclude watchlist and seen films.

Choose How the Site Looks

Premium members can change how pages look, so if you don't like the default look you can choose one that better suits your needs/preferences.

Create Your Watchlist

Track the films you want to watch and quickly/easily see which are available on streaming services. Filter by genre and year if you're in the mood for a 1980s slasher.

Browse Streaming Platforms

Want to see which films are available on a streaming platform without signing up? The Filmaholic has curateed lists for every major service.

User-Described Films

Discover new films through a multitude of user-submitted adjectives such as "edge-of-your-seat", "emotional", "uplifting", "hidden gem" and "guilty pleasure".

Detailed Actor Role Info

See what role types (lead/support/cameo), character types (e.g. cop/mobster/high school student), and how often an actor plays the hero or villain.

Plus Much Much More Including...
  • Compare your watch trends between this year and last
  • See recent watchlist releases, and where to watch them
  • Widgets allowing you to share info on your blog/website
  • Set a child bedtime to easily see if films will finish in time
  • See the date and time of when you first and last watched films
  • A list of films that you last watched 12+ months ago
  • Collaborate on lists with friends and family
  • Easily see whether friends and family have seen a film
  • See where films, actors, actressses and directors are popular
  • Film advisories to make you aware of themes and content
  • See common co-stars for actors and actresses and which
    stars that directors commonly direct
  • Browse stars by theme, e.g. scream queens and action stars
  • See the most popular films, stars, boxsets and genres by country
  • Discover great stats for decades, genres, cast and crew
  • See the approximate age that actors and actresses were during filming
  • See related members of acting families such as The Coppolas
  • With even more to come!...

A Listers Get More Perks!

  • Exclusive early access to the iOS/Android companion app
  • Exclusive wide-ranging stats not actives for free users
  • Set your favourite streaming services
  • Weekly, monthly, yearly and all time stats
  • Auto-tracking through Plex
  • Exclusive privacy options
  • More options for the film recommendation tool
  • Earn fun achievements based on your watches
  • Edit and remove watches and additional watch details
  • Plus much more!
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