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Bill Paxton

Bill Paxton

Born in Fort Worth, Texas, USA on 17th May 1955. Died in 2017 aged 61 years old.
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Bill Paxton was an actor with a career spanning 44 years, from 1975 to 2019, starting at the age of 20. His first film was Crazy Mama and his last film was The Circle. A lot of his work was in the Drama and Action genres.

Known For


Film Film Year Runtime Rating Streaming Options
Taking Tiger Mountain Revisited poster Taking Tiger Mountain Revisited 2019 1h 15m
The Circle poster The Circle 2017 1h 50m PG-13
Mean Dreams poster Mean Dreams 2016 1h 48m R
Term Life poster Term Life 2016 1h 33m R
The Gamechangers poster The Gamechangers 2015 1h 30m
Pixies poster Pixies 2015 1h 17m G
Nightcrawler poster Nightcrawler 2014 1h 57m R
Edge of Tomorrow poster Edge of Tomorrow 2014 1h 54m PG-13
Million Dollar Arm poster Million Dollar Arm 2014 2h 4m PG
Red Wing poster Red Wing 2013 1h 48m PG-13
Xumo Play
2 Guns poster 2 Guns 2013 1h 49m R
The Colony poster The Colony 2013 1h 35m NR
Shanghai Calling poster Shanghai Calling 2012 1h 38m
Haywire poster Haywire 2011 1h 33m
The Good Life poster The Good Life 2007 1h 46m
Haven poster Haven 2004 1h 55m R
Thunderbirds poster Thunderbirds 2004 1h 35m PG
Club Dread poster Club Dread 2004 1h 44m R
Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over poster Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over 2003 1h 24m PG
Resistance poster Resistance 2003 1h 32m R
Ghosts of the Abyss poster Ghosts of the Abyss 2003 1h 32m PG
Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams poster Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams 2002 1h 40m PG
Frailty poster Frailty 2001 1h 40m R
Vertical Limit poster Vertical Limit 2000 2h 4m PG-13
U-571 poster U-571 2000 1h 56m PG-13
Mighty Joe Young poster Mighty Joe Young 1998 1h 54m PG
A Simple Plan poster A Simple Plan 1998 2h 1m R
A Bright Shining Lie poster A Bright Shining Lie 1998 1h 58m
Titanic poster Titanic 1997 3h 14m PG-13
Traveller poster Traveller 1997 1h 41m R
The Evening Star poster The Evening Star 1996 2h 9m
Twister poster Twister 1996 1h 53m
The Last Supper poster The Last Supper 1995 1h 32m R
Apollo 13 poster Apollo 13 1995 2h 20m PG
Frank & Jesse poster Frank & Jesse 1994 1h 45m
True Lies poster True Lies 1994 2h 21m
Future Shock poster Future Shock 1994 1h 38m PG-13
Tombstone poster Tombstone 1993 2h 10m R
Monolith poster Monolith 1993 1h 35m R
Indian Summer poster Indian Summer 1993 1h 37m PG-13
Boxing Helena poster Boxing Helena 1993 1h 47m R
Trespass poster Trespass 1992 1h 41m R
The Vagrant poster The Vagrant 1992 1h 31m R
One False Move poster One False Move 1992 1h 45m R
The Dark Backward poster The Dark Backward 1991 1h 41m
Predator 2 poster Predator 2 1990 1h 48m R
Navy Seals poster Navy Seals 1990 1h 53m R
The Last of the Finest poster The Last of the Finest 1990 1h 46m R
Brain Dead poster Brain Dead 1990 1h 25m R
Next of Kin poster Next of Kin 1989 1h 48m R
Slipstream poster Slipstream 1989 1h 42m PG-13
The Roommate 1989 30m
Back to Back poster Back to Back 1989 - R
Pass the Ammo poster Pass the Ammo 1987 1h 33m R
Martini Ranch: Reach poster Martini Ranch: Reach 1988 9m
Near Dark poster Near Dark 1987 1h 34m R
Touched by the Hand of God poster Touched by the Hand of God 1987 5m
Aliens poster Aliens 1986 2h 17m R
Commando poster Commando 1985 1h 30m R
Weird Science poster Weird Science 1985 1h 34m PG-13
An Early Frost poster An Early Frost 1985 1h 40m NR
The Terminator poster The Terminator 1984 1h 47m R
Impulse poster Impulse 1984 1h 31m R
Streets of Fire poster Streets of Fire 1984 1h 33m PG
Mortuary poster Mortuary 1983 1h 33m
Deadly Lessons poster Deadly Lessons 1983 1h 40m NR
The Lords of Discipline poster The Lords of Discipline 1983 1h 42m R
Riding Fast poster Riding Fast 1983 1h 32m NR
Great Day poster Great Day 1983 -
Taking Tiger Mountain poster Taking Tiger Mountain 1983 1h 21m NR
Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker poster Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker 1981 1h 36m R
Stripes poster Stripes 1981 1h 46m R
The Egyptian Princess poster The Egyptian Princess 1977 30m
Crazy Mama poster Crazy Mama 1975 1h 23m PG

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His Top Genres 1
13% Drama
+ 244 more
His Top Years
9% 1983
+ 32 more
Top Character Types
10% Sheriff
+ 10 more
Hero or Villain?
38% Neutral
+ 7 more
Role Type
59% Support
+ 2 more

1 Genres are counted according to total films, not total genres, as such the overall total of all genress will be more than 100%.

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Bill Paxton FAQ

How old was Bill Paxton when he died?

61 years old.

When was Bill Paxton born?

17th May 1955

Where was Bill Paxton born?

Fort Worth, Texas, USA

What is Bill Paxton known for?
Has Bill Paxton won an Oscar?

No, he never won an Oscar.

Has Bill Paxton won a BAFTA?

No, he never won an BAFTA.

What ethnicity is Bill Paxton?

He was Caucasian.