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Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis

69 years old. Born in Idar-Oberstein, Germany on 19th March 1955.
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Bruce Willis was an actor with a career spanning 43 years, from 1980 to 2023, starting at the age of 25. His first film was The First Deadly Sin and his last film was Assassin. A lot of his work was in the Action and Thriller genres.

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Film Film Year Runtime Rating Streaming Options
Assassin poster Assassin 2023 1h 28m
Detective Knight: Independence poster Detective Knight: Independence 2023 1h 32m
Detective Knight: Redemption poster Detective Knight: Redemption 2022 1h 33m
Paradise City poster Paradise City 2022 1h 33m
Detective Knight: Rogue poster Detective Knight: Rogue 2022 1h 45m
Wire Room poster Wire Room 2022 1h 37m
Wrong Place poster Wrong Place 2022 1h 36m
White Elephant poster White Elephant 2022 1h 33m
Vendetta poster Vendetta 2022 1h 36m
Fortress: Sniper's Eye poster Fortress: Sniper's Eye 2022 1h 27m
Corrective Measures poster Corrective Measures 2022 1h 46m
Gasoline Alley poster Gasoline Alley 2022 1h 37m
A Day to Die poster A Day to Die 2022 1h 45m
American Siege poster American Siege 2021 1h 30m
Fortress poster Fortress 2021 1h 40m
Deadlock poster Deadlock 2021 1h 36m
Apex poster Apex 2021 1h 48m
Survive the Game poster Survive the Game 2021 1h 37m
Midnight in the Switchgrass poster Midnight in the Switchgrass 2021 1h 39m
Out of Death poster Out of Death 2021 1h 35m
Cosmic Sin poster Cosmic Sin 2021 1h 28m
Breach poster Breach 2020 1h 32m
Hard Kill poster Hard Kill 2020 1h 38m
Survive the Night poster Survive the Night 2020 1h 29m
Trauma Center poster Trauma Center 2019 1h 27m
Motherless Brooklyn poster Motherless Brooklyn 2019 2h 24m
QT8: The First Eight poster QT8: The First Eight 2019 1h 43m
Plex Channel
10 Minutes Gone poster 10 Minutes Gone 2019 1h 29m
Between Two Ferns: The Movie poster Between Two Ferns: The Movie 2019 1h 22m
The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part poster The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part 2019 1h 46m
Glass poster Glass 2019 2h 9m
Air Strike poster Air Strike 2018 2h
Plex Channel
Reprisal poster Reprisal 2018 1h 29m
Comedy Central Roast of Bruce Willis poster Comedy Central Roast of Bruce Willis 2018 1h 25m
Death Wish poster Death Wish 2018 1h 47m
Acts of Violence poster Acts of Violence 2018 1h 26m
Plex Channel
First Kill poster First Kill 2017 1h 37m
Plex Channel
Once Upon a Time in Venice poster Once Upon a Time in Venice 2017 1h 34m
Split poster Split 2016 1h 57m
Precious Cargo poster Precious Cargo 2016 1h 39m
Marauders poster Marauders 2016 1h 47m
Extraction poster Extraction 2015 1h 23m
Rock the Kasbah poster Rock the Kasbah 2015 1h 40m
Vice poster Vice 2015 1h 36m
The Prince poster The Prince 2014 1h 33m
Plex Channel
Sin City: A Dame to Kill For poster Sin City: A Dame to Kill For 2014 1h 42m
Plex Channel
Xumo Play
RED 2 poster RED 2 2013 1h 56m
G.I. Joe: Retaliation poster G.I. Joe: Retaliation 2013 1h 50m
A Good Day to Die Hard poster A Good Day to Die Hard 2013 1h 38m
Paramount+ with Showtime
Looper poster Looper 2012 1h 58m
Fire with Fire poster Fire with Fire 2012 1h 37m
Plex Channel
The Expendables 2 poster The Expendables 2 2012 1h 43m
Lay the Favorite poster Lay the Favorite 2012 1h 34m
Plex Channel
Moonrise Kingdom poster Moonrise Kingdom 2012 1h 34m
The Cold Light of Day poster The Cold Light of Day 2012 1h 33m
Plex Channel
Catch.44 poster Catch.44 2011 1h 33m
Plex Channel
Setup poster Setup 2011 1h 25m
The Black Mamba poster The Black Mamba 2011 6m
RED poster RED 2010 1h 51m
I'm Still Here poster I'm Still Here 2010 1h 47m
Plex Channel
The Expendables poster The Expendables 2010 1h 43m
Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy poster Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy 2010 4h
Cop Out poster Cop Out 2010 1h 47m
Surrogates poster Surrogates 2009 1h 29m
What Just Happened poster What Just Happened 2008 1h 44m
Plex Channel
Assassination of a High School President poster Assassination of a High School President 2008 1h 33m
Plex Channel
Live Free or Die Hard poster Live Free or Die Hard 2007 2h 8m
Paramount+ with Showtime
Nancy Drew poster Nancy Drew 2007 1h 39m
Perfect Stranger poster Perfect Stranger 2007 1h 49m
Planet Terror poster Planet Terror 2007 1h 45m
Grindhouse poster Grindhouse 2007 3h 11m
Killers Kill, Dead Men Die poster Killers Kill, Dead Men Die 2007 6m
Fast Food Nation poster Fast Food Nation 2006 1h 56m
Hammy's Boomerang Adventure poster Hammy's Boomerang Adventure 2006 5m
The Astronaut Farmer poster The Astronaut Farmer 2006 1h 44m
Over the Hedge poster Over the Hedge 2006 1h 23m
16 Blocks poster 16 Blocks 2006 1h 45m
Lucky Number Slevin poster Lucky Number Slevin 2006 1h 50m
Alpha Dog poster Alpha Dog 2006 2h 2m
Sin City poster Sin City 2005 2h 4m
Hostage poster Hostage 2005 1h 53m
Ocean's Twelve poster Ocean's Twelve 2004 2h 5m
The Whole Ten Yards poster The Whole Ten Yards 2004 1h 38m
Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle poster Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle 2003 1h 46m
Rugrats Go Wild poster Rugrats Go Wild 2003 1h 24m
Tears of the Sun poster Tears of the Sun 2003 2h 1m
The Art of Action: Martial Arts in the Movies poster The Art of Action: Martial Arts in the Movies 2002 1h 36m
True West poster True West 2002 1h 47m
Grand Champion poster Grand Champion 2002 1h 33m
Hart's War poster Hart's War 2002 2h 5m
Bandits poster Bandits 2001 2h 3m
Unbreakable poster Unbreakable 2000 1h 46m
The Kid poster The Kid 2000 1h 44m
The Whole Nine Yards poster The Whole Nine Yards 2000 1h 38m
The Story of Us poster The Story of Us 1999 1h 35m
The Sixth Sense poster The Sixth Sense 1999 1h 47m
Breakfast of Champions poster Breakfast of Champions 1999 1h 50m
The Siege poster The Siege 1998 1h 56m
Armageddon poster Armageddon
as Harry S. Stamper
1998 2h 31m
Mercury Rising poster Mercury Rising 1998 1h 51m
The Jackal poster The Jackal 1997 2h 4m
The Fifth Element poster The Fifth Element 1997 2h 6m
Bruno the Kid: The Animated Movie poster Bruno the Kid: The Animated Movie 1996 1h 12m