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Dan Hedaya

Dan Hedaya

83 years old. Born in Brooklyn, New York, USA on 24th July 1940.
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Dan Hedaya is an actor with a career spanning 44 years, from 1977 to 2021, starting at the age of 37. His first film was The Prince of Central Park and his latest film was Slapface. A lot of his work has been in the Comedy and Drama genres.

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Released Films (67)

Film Film Year Runtime Rating Streaming Options
Slapface poster Slapface 2021 1h 25m
The God Committee poster The God Committee 2021 1h 38m
Funny Face poster Funny Face 2020 1h 35m
Plex Channel
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them poster Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2016 2h 12m
Black Dog, Red Dog poster Black Dog, Red Dog 2015 1h 25m
The Humbling poster The Humbling 2014 1h 52m
The Extra Man poster The Extra Man 2010 1h 48m
Plex Channel
The Warrior Class poster The Warrior Class 2007 1h 50m
Strangers with Candy poster Strangers with Candy 2005 1h 37m
The Good Student poster The Good Student 2006 1h 30m
Plex Channel
Robots poster Robots 2005 1h 31m
American Cousins poster American Cousins 2003 1h 55m
New Suit poster New Suit 2002 1h 34m
Swimfan poster Swimfan 2002 1h 25m
Down poster Down 2001 1h 51m
Shudder Apple TV Channel
Mulholland Drive poster Mulholland Drive 2001 2h 27m
The Crew poster The Crew 2000 1h 28m
Shaft poster Shaft 2000 1h 39m
The Hurricane poster The Hurricane 1999 2h 26m
Dick poster Dick 1999 1h 34m
Mulholland Dr. poster Mulholland Dr. 1999 1h 28m
A Civil Action poster A Civil Action 1998 1h 55m
A Night at the Roxbury poster A Night at the Roxbury 1998 1h 21m
Alien Resurrection poster Alien Resurrection 1997 1h 49m
A Life Less Ordinary poster A Life Less Ordinary 1997 1h 43m
In & Out poster In & Out 1997 1h 30m
Paramount+ with Showtime
The Second Civil War poster The Second Civil War 1997 1h 37m
Marvin's Room poster Marvin's Room 1996 1h 38m
Paramount+ with Showtime
Daylight poster Daylight 1996 1h 54m
Ransom poster Ransom 1996 2h 1m
The First Wives Club poster The First Wives Club 1996 1h 42m
Freeway poster Freeway 1996 1h 42m
Plex Channel
Shudder Apple TV Channel
Nixon poster Nixon 1995 3h 12m
Fair Game poster Fair Game 1995 1h 31m
To Die For poster To Die For 1995 1h 46m
Clueless poster Clueless 1995 1h 37m
The Usual Suspects poster The Usual Suspects 1995 1h 46m
Midnight Run for Your Life poster Midnight Run for Your Life 1994 1h 40m
Maverick poster Maverick 1994 2h 7m
Midnight Runaround poster Midnight Runaround 1994 1h 26m
Another Midnight Run poster Another Midnight Run 1994 1h 31m
Mr. Wonderful poster Mr. Wonderful 1993 1h 38m
For Love or Money poster For Love or Money 1993 1h 34m
Based on an Untrue Story poster Based on an Untrue Story 1993 1h 31m
Sex, Shock & Censorship in the 90's poster Sex, Shock & Censorship in the 90's 1993 1h
Fallen Angels: I'll Be Waiting poster Fallen Angels: I'll Be Waiting 1993 31m
Searching for Bobby Fischer poster Searching for Bobby Fischer 1993 1h 50m
Rookie of the Year poster Rookie of the Year 1993 1h 43m
Benny & Joon poster Benny & Joon 1993 1h 38m
Boiling Point poster Boiling Point 1993 1h 32m
The Addams Family poster The Addams Family 1991 1h 39m
Tune in Tomorrow... poster Tune in Tomorrow... 1990 1h 47m
Pacific Heights poster Pacific Heights 1990 1h 42m
Plex Channel
Joe Versus the Volcano poster Joe Versus the Volcano 1990 1h 42m
Slow Burn poster Slow Burn 1986 1h 32m
Running Scared poster Running Scared 1986 1h 47m
Wise Guys poster Wise Guys 1986 1h 40m
Commando poster Commando 1985 1h 30m
Blood Simple poster Blood Simple 1984 1h 37m
Tightrope poster Tightrope 1984 1h 55m
The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension poster The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension 1984 1h 43m
Reckless poster Reckless 1984 1h 30m
The Hunger poster The Hunger 1983 1h 37m
I'm Dancing as Fast as I Can poster I'm Dancing as Fast as I Can 1982 1h 47m
True Confessions poster True Confessions 1981 1h 48m
The Seduction of Joe Tynan poster The Seduction of Joe Tynan 1979 1h 48m
The Prince of Central Park poster The Prince of Central Park 1977 1h 16m

Regularly Credited With

Adam LeFevre
Adam LeFevre
5 films together
John Cunningham
John Cunningham
5 films together
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Ron Perlman
4 films together
Christopher McDonald's profile
Christopher McDonald
4 films together
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His Top Genres 1
17% Comedy
+ 197 more
His Top Years
14% 1993
+ 29 more
Top Character Types
25% Sheriff
+ 3 more
Hero or Villain?
50% Good
+ 1 more
Role Type
100% Support

1 Genres are counted according to total films, not total genres, as such the overall total of all genress will be more than 100%.

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Dan Hedaya FAQ

How old is Dan Hedaya?

83 years old.

When was Dan Hedaya born?

24th July 1940

Where was Dan Hedaya born?

Brooklyn, New York, USA

Has Dan Hedaya won an Oscar?

No, up to this point he has never won an Oscar.

Has Dan Hedaya won a BAFTA?

No, up to this point he has never won an BAFTA.

What ethnicity is Dan Hedaya?

He is Caucasian.