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Dexter Fletcher

Dexter Fletcher

58 years old. Born in London, England, UK on 31st January 1966.
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Dexter Fletcher is an actor with a career spanning 47 years, from 1976 to 2023, starting at the age of 10. His first film was Bugsy Malone and his latest film was Love at First Sight. A lot of his work has been in the Drama and Comedy genres.

Known For


Released Films (69)

Film Film Year Runtime Rating Streaming Options
Love at First Sight poster Love at First Sight 2023 1h 31m PG-13
Terminal poster Terminal 2018 1h 35m
Sherlock Gnomes poster Sherlock Gnomes 2018 1h 26m PG
60 Seconds to Die poster 60 Seconds to Die 2017 1h 34m
The Agency poster The Agency 2017 29m
Double Date poster Double Date 2017 1h 30m
Eat Locals poster Eat Locals 2017 1h 33m
Smoking Guns poster Smoking Guns 2016 1h 33m
Age Of Kill poster Age Of Kill 2015 1h 25m R
The Coven poster The Coven 2015 1h 26m
Muppets Most Wanted poster Muppets Most Wanted 2014 1h 47m PG
Fedz poster Fedz 2013 1h 29m
St George's Day poster St George's Day 2012 1h 49m R
Cockneys vs Zombies poster Cockneys vs Zombies 2012 1h 28m NR
Welcome to Hoxford : The fan film poster Welcome to Hoxford : The fan film 2011 -
The Three Musketeers poster The Three Musketeers 2011 1h 50m PG-13
Jack Falls poster Jack Falls 2011 1h 40m
Hong Kong Confidential poster Hong Kong Confidential 2010 1h 28m
Dead Cert poster Dead Cert 2010 1h 32m
Baseline poster Baseline 2010 1h 36m
Kick-Ass poster Kick-Ass 2010 1h 57m R
Autumn poster Autumn 2009 1h 50m
Stardust poster Stardust 2007 2h 7m
In Your Dreams poster In Your Dreams 2008 1h 40m
Miami Vice poster Miami Vice 2006 2h 12m
Tristan & Isolde poster Tristan & Isolde 2006 2h 5m PG-13
Manilla Envelopes 2006 1h 24m
Doom poster Doom 2005 1h 45m R
Layer Cake poster Layer Cake 2004 1h 45m R
Stander poster Stander 2003 1h 56m R
The Deal poster The Deal 2003 1h 30m
Bad Boys II poster Bad Boys II 2003 2h 27m R
Below poster Below 2002 1h 45m R
Pandaemonium poster Pandaemonium 2000 2h 4m
Topsy-Turvy poster Topsy-Turvy 1999 2h 40m
Tube Tales poster Tube Tales 1999 1h 24m
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels poster Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels 1998 1h 47m R
Let the Good Times Roll 1999 15m
Solomon poster Solomon 1997 3h PG
The Man Who Knew Too Little poster The Man Who Knew Too Little 1997 1h 34m PG
Dead London 1996 20m
Jude poster Jude 1996 2h 3m R
Prince Cinders poster Prince Cinders 1993 26m
Dread Poets' Society poster Dread Poets' Society 1992 30m
All Out poster All Out 1990 1h 46m
Twisted Obsession poster Twisted Obsession 1989 1h 48m
The Rachel Papers poster The Rachel Papers 1989 1h 35m R
When the Whales Came poster When the Whales Came 1989 1h 40m
The Raggedy Rawney poster The Raggedy Rawney 1988 1h 43m
Didn't You Kill My Brother? poster Didn't You Kill My Brother? 1988 55m
Across the Lake poster Across the Lake 1988 1h 30m
Lionheart poster Lionheart 1987 1h 44m PG
Gothic poster Gothic 1986 1h 24m R
Caravaggio poster Caravaggio 1986 1h 33m NR
Revolution poster Revolution 1985 2h 6m
Wings of Death poster Wings of Death 1985 21m
The Bounty poster The Bounty 1984 2h 12m PG
Memoirs of a Survivor poster Memoirs of a Survivor 1981 1h 55m R
4D Special Agents poster 4D Special Agents 1981 1h
The Long Good Friday poster The Long Good Friday 1980 1h 54m R
The Elephant Man poster The Elephant Man 1980 2h 4m PG
Les Misérables poster Les Misérables 1978 2h 30m
Bugsy Malone poster Bugsy Malone 1976 1h 33m G
Wedding Bells 1976 -
Baby Sitters 1976 -
Double Trouble 1976 -
The Big Kick 1976 -
Monkey Tricks 1976 -
On the Tiles 1976 -

Regularly Credited With

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Jason Flemyng
9 films together
Norman Bird
Norman Bird
6 films together
Ann Beach's profile
Ann Beach
6 films together
Lucy Griffiths's profile
Lucy Griffiths
6 films together
Joan Hickson
Joan Hickson
6 films together
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Veronica Lang
6 films together
Lynne Morgan's profile
Lynne Morgan
6 films together
Philip Da Costa's profile
Philip Da Costa
6 films together
Alan Ford's profile
Alan Ford
5 films together


His Top Genres 1
17% Drama
+ 176 more
His Top Years
11% 1976
+ 35 more
Top Character Types
34% Newsreader
+ 2 more
Role Type
100% Minor

1 Genres are counted according to total films, not total genres, as such the overall total of all genress will be more than 100%.

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Dexter Fletcher FAQ

How old is Dexter Fletcher?

58 years old.

When was Dexter Fletcher born?

31st January 1966

Where was Dexter Fletcher born?

London, England, UK

Has Dexter Fletcher won an Oscar?

No, up to this point he has never won an Oscar.

Has Dexter Fletcher won a BAFTA?

No, up to this point he has never won an BAFTA.

What ethnicity is Dexter Fletcher?

He is Caucasian.