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Eric Roberts

Eric Roberts

68 years old. Born in Biloxi, Mississippi, USA on 18th April 1956.
A member of The Roberts Family
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Eric Roberts is an actor with a career spanning 47 years, from 1978 to 2025, starting at the age of 22. His first film was G.O.D. Tech and his latest film will be Arena Wars. A lot of his work has been in the Drama and Thriller genres.

Famous Roles: Dr. Albert Beck

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Upcoming Films (10)

Film Year Runtime Status Options
No More Goodbyes poster No More Goodbyes - Post-Production
Sallywood - Post-Production
Desert Fiends poster Desert Fiends - Post-Production
Woke - Post-Production
Devil's Knight poster Devil's Knight
2024 - Post-Production
Down Below 2024 - In Production
Arena Wars poster Arena Wars
1h 36m
2024 1h 36m Post-Production
Mayday Z poster Mayday Z 2025 - Unknown Status
G.O.D. Tech poster G.O.D. Tech 2025 2h Post-Production
The Ballad of Travis Hunter poster The Ballad of Travis Hunter 2024 - In Production

Released Films (494)

Film Film Year Runtime Rating Streaming Options
Aftermath poster Aftermath 2024 1h 18m R
Someone Dies Tonight poster Someone Dies Tonight 2023 -
1242: Gateway to the West poster 1242: Gateway to the West 2023 -
Death on the Border poster Death on the Border 2023 1h 35m R
Darkness of Man poster Darkness of Man 2023 1h 49m R
Love By Design poster Love By Design 2023 1h 30m
UP Faith & Family Apple TV Channel
Top Gunner: America vs. Russia poster Top Gunner: America vs. Russia 2023 1h 30m
Wrongful Death poster Wrongful Death 2023 1h 26m
Spookt poster Spookt 2023 1h 20m
Megalodon: The Frenzy poster Megalodon: The Frenzy 2023 1h 22m
The Lost Princess 2023 1h 45m
The Beast Comes At Midnight poster The Beast Comes At Midnight 2023 1h 24m
It Wants Blood 2 poster It Wants Blood 2 2022 -
My 01 poster My 01 2023 -
My Last Best Friend poster My Last Best Friend 2023 1h 46m
Working Stiffs 2023 -
Hippo poster Hippo 2023 1h 40m
Dying to Sleep poster Dying to Sleep 2023 1h 34m
Silver Fox 2023 16m
Black Girl, Erupted poster Black Girl, Erupted 2023 1h 17m
Bet+ Amazon Channel
BET+  Apple TV channel
Buckle Up poster Buckle Up 2023 -
R poster R 2023 1h 30m R
D.C. Down poster D.C. Down 2023 1h 30m
Old Ferguson poster Old Ferguson 2023 -
Faulkner: The Past Is Never Dead poster Faulkner: The Past Is Never Dead 2023 1h 33m
The Greek Job 2023 -
Red City Pine 2023 -
Altered Perceptions poster Altered Perceptions 2023 2h 2m
Caged Men Seeking Freedom poster Caged Men Seeking Freedom 2023 -
Hitmen poster Hitmen 2023 1h 48m
Hitman poster Hitman 2023 1h 49m
Lumina poster Lumina 2016 -
Assault on Hill 400 poster Assault on Hill 400 2023 1h 27m
Sweetwater poster Sweetwater 2023 1h 54m
If I Can't Have You poster If I Can't Have You 2023 1h 28m PG-13
A Cotton Moon poster A Cotton Moon 2023 17m
The Epidemic poster The Epidemic 2023 1h 33m NC-17
Exceptional Beings poster Exceptional Beings 2023 1h 37m
Beneath the Green poster Beneath the Green 2023 1h 21m
City Rush 3 poster City Rush 3 2023 55m
Space Sharks 2022 1h 10m
Babylon poster Babylon 2022 3h 9m R
Bleach poster Bleach 2022 -
It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Murder poster It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Murder 2022 1h 30m PG-13
Lifetime Movie Club Apple TV Channel
Hallmark Movies Now Apple TV Channel
Lifetime Movie Club Amazon Channel
Controlled poster Controlled 2022 1h 56m
Insite poster Insite 2022 1h 50m
The Suspended Man poster The Suspended Man 2022 20m
Survivor's Choice poster Survivor's Choice 2022 1h 30m R
The Sea Was Never Blue poster The Sea Was Never Blue 2022 1h 21m
The Caller poster The Caller 2022 1h 31m
Brother 3 poster Brother 3 2022 1h 50m
Dog Boy poster Dog Boy 2022 1h 30m
Blackbird poster Blackbird 2022 1h 28m
Dawn poster Dawn 2022 1h 17m
Soul Cage poster Soul Cage 2022 -
The Wrong Marriage poster The Wrong Marriage 2022 1h 25m
The Wrong Murder poster The Wrong Murder 2022 1h 25m
Memoirs of a Fighter poster Memoirs of a Fighter 2021 -
The Wrong Nemesis poster The Wrong Nemesis 2022 1h 25m
Night of the Caregiver poster Night of the Caregiver 2022 1h 30m
Sally Floss: Digital Detective poster Sally Floss: Digital Detective 2022 1h 29m
From Dusk Till Bong poster From Dusk Till Bong 2022 -
Caroltyn poster Caroltyn 2022 1h 20m
Classified poster Classified 2022 1h 30m
69 Parts poster 69 Parts 2022 1h 32m
Convergence poster Convergence 2022 6m
Escape Through Africa poster Escape Through Africa 2022 1h 30m
The Rideshare Killer poster The Rideshare Killer 2022 1h 23m
The Mosquito poster The Mosquito 2022 20m
Broadcast poster Broadcast 2022 1h 28m
8 Days to Hell poster 8 Days to Hell 2022 1h 25m
The Electric Man poster The Electric Man 2022 1h 30m
The Wrong High School Sweetheart poster The Wrong High School Sweetheart 2022 1h 30m
The Surprise Visit poster The Surprise Visit 2022 1h 26m
Mr. Birthday poster Mr. Birthday 2021 1h 32m
Alter Ego poster Alter Ego 2021 1h 14m
Andronicus poster Andronicus 2021 24m
Deadly Nightshade poster Deadly Nightshade 2021 1h 10m
Megaboa poster Megaboa 2021 1h 40m
The Magic poster The Magic 2021 1h 46m
Pups Alone: A Christmas Peril poster Pups Alone: A Christmas Peril 2021 1h 47m PG
Night Night poster Night Night 2021 1h 32m
Stratton Castle: Tale of Jessie Goldenheart poster Stratton Castle: Tale of Jessie Goldenheart 2019 1h 33m NR
Silent Hill Restless Dreams poster Silent Hill Restless Dreams 2021 -
The Estate poster The Estate 2020 1h 25m
A Town Called Parable poster A Town Called Parable 2021 - PG
Hard Luck Love Song poster Hard Luck Love Song 2020 1h 44m
Soul Pursuit poster Soul Pursuit 2021 1h 30m
Party from Hell poster Party from Hell 2021 -
Marked poster Marked 2021 12m
The Elevator poster The Elevator 2021 1h 28m
The Wrong Blackmail poster The Wrong Blackmail 2021 1h 27m
The Rebels of PT-218 poster The Rebels of PT-218 2021 1h 28m
Unchained poster Unchained 2021 1h 25m
The Poltergeist Diaries poster The Poltergeist Diaries 2021 1h 16m
Sour Honey poster Sour Honey 2021 -
After Masks poster After Masks 2021 1h 40m
616 Wilford Lane poster 616 Wilford Lane 2021 -
Mommy's Deadly Con Artist poster Mommy's Deadly Con Artist 2021 1h 24m
Victory by Submission poster Victory by Submission 2017 1h 40m
Ape vs. Monster poster Ape vs. Monster 2021 1h 30m
Just What the Doctor Ordered poster Just What the Doctor Ordered 2021 1h 25m
Uploaded poster Uploaded 2021 -
Red Prophecies poster Red Prophecies 2021 1h 30m
Xumo Play
Killer Advice poster Killer Advice 2021 -
The Cove poster The Cove 2021 1h 40m
The Wrong Mr. Right poster The Wrong Mr. Right 2021 1h 25m
The Downside of Bliss poster The Downside of Bliss 2020 1h 40m
Law of Attraction poster Law of Attraction 2020 1h 25m
Mark & Clark World Adventurers poster Mark & Clark World Adventurers 2020 -
Asteroid-a-Geddon poster Asteroid-a-Geddon 2020 1h 26m
Reboot Camp poster Reboot Camp 2020 1h 37m
Greatland poster Greatland 2020 1h 44m
Heaven poster Heaven 2020 1h 40m PG-13
People in Landscape poster People in Landscape 2020 1h 45m
Doesn't Fall Far poster Doesn't Fall Far 2020 15m NR
Dirty Fears poster Dirty Fears 2020 1h 23m
Hammer poster Hammer 2020 -
Beverly Hills Bandits poster Beverly Hills Bandits 2020 1h 30m
Anatomy of an Antihero: Redemption poster Anatomy of an Antihero: Redemption 2020 1h 33m NR
Her Deadly Groom poster Her Deadly Groom 2020 1h 33m
The Arrangement poster The Arrangement 2020 1h 43m
Top Gunner poster Top Gunner 2020 1h 24m
Eddie poster Eddie 2020 1h 38m
Collision Earth poster Collision Earth 2020 1h 24m
The Wind Walker poster The Wind Walker 2019 1h 29m
Inside the Rain poster Inside the Rain 2019 1h 35m
Deported poster Deported 2020 1h 30m R
Hayalet: 3 Yaşam poster Hayalet: 3 Yaşam 2022 1h 45m
The Ventures: Stars on Guitars poster The Ventures: Stars on Guitars 2020 -
Angels Fallen poster Angels Fallen 2020 1h 26m
Xumo Play
Eddie poster Eddie 2020 1h 39m
The Immortal Wars: Resurgence poster The Immortal Wars: Resurgence 2019 1h 52m
Cross: Rise of the Villains poster Cross: Rise of the Villains 2019 1h 40m R
7 Deadly Sins poster 7 Deadly Sins 2019 1h 25m
Xumo Play
Submission poster Submission 2019 1h 34m R
Prescience poster Prescience 2019 1h 30m R
The Wrong Mommy poster The Wrong Mommy 2019 1h 26m
Stalked by My Doctor: A Sleepwalker's Nightmare poster Stalked by My Doctor: A Sleepwalker's Nightmare 2019 1h 31m
90 Feet from Home poster 90 Feet from Home 2019 -
Clinton Road poster Clinton Road 2019 1h 17m
Monster Island poster Monster Island 2019 1h 39m
The Evil Inside Her poster The Evil Inside Her 2019 1h 18m
A Karate Christmas Miracle poster A Karate Christmas Miracle 2019 1h 21m NR
Xumo Play
The Savant poster The Savant 2019 1h 25m
Hollywould poster Hollywould 2019 1h 21m
Night Walk poster Night Walk 2019 1h 37m R
It Wants Blood! poster It Wants Blood! 2019 1h 43m NR
Billboard poster Billboard 2019 1h 29m
Induced Effect poster Induced Effect 2019 1h 39m
Las Vegas Vietnam: The Movie 2009 1h 28m
IRL poster IRL 2019 1h 34m NR
Something poster Something 2018 1h 26m
Lone Star Deception poster Lone Star Deception 2019 1h 42m
Out of Sight, Out of Mind poster Out of Sight, Out of Mind 2019 2h 11m
Unbridled poster Unbridled 2017 1h 55m PG-13
Zombie Lust: Night Flesh poster Zombie Lust: Night Flesh 2018 1h NR
The Reliant poster The Reliant 2019 2h 20m PG-13
The Wrong Teacher poster The Wrong Teacher 2018 1h 25m
Frank and Ava poster Frank and Ava 2018 1h 50m
Head Full of Honey poster Head Full of Honey 2018 2h 7m
The Perception poster The Perception 2018 1h 26m
Hide in the Light poster Hide in the Light 2018 1h 18m
Rusty Tulloch poster Rusty Tulloch 2018 2h 4m
Beautifully Broken poster Beautifully Broken 2018 1h 48m PG-13
Never Saw It Coming poster Never Saw It Coming 2018 1h 29m
Black Wake poster Black Wake 2018 1h 31m R
A. I. Tales poster A. I. Tales 2019 1h 13m
Q-4: Dream Corporation poster Q-4: Dream Corporation 2018 1h 30m
Papa poster Papa 2018 - R
Stalked by My Doctor: Patient's Revenge poster Stalked by My Doctor: Patient's Revenge 2018 1h 28m
Taco Shop poster Taco Shop 2018 1h 25m PG-13
1959 poster 1959 2016 1h 28m
Child of Satan poster Child of Satan 2016 1h 36m NR
Days of Power poster Days of Power 2017 1h 42m
Surge of Power: Revenge of the Sequel poster Surge of Power: Revenge of the Sequel 2016 1h 30m PG-13
#Speedball 2017 -
Maximum Impact poster Maximum Impact 2017 1h 50m
Fake News poster Fake News 2017 1h 35m
Spreading Darkness poster Spreading Darkness 2017 1h 31m
Santa Stole Our Dog: A Merry Doggone Christmas! poster Santa Stole Our Dog: A Merry Doggone Christmas! 2017 1h 35m NR
The Demonic Dead poster The Demonic Dead 2017 1h 3m
Almost Amazing poster Almost Amazing 2017 1h 58m
Osprey poster Osprey 2017 1h 36m
Henri poster Henri 2017 1h 29m
Ayla: The Daughter of War poster Ayla: The Daughter of War 2017 2h 5m PG-13
A Trip to Jamaica poster A Trip to Jamaica 2016 1h 38m
Dark Mirror poster Dark Mirror 2017 1h 16m
The Terror of Hallow's Eve poster The Terror of Hallow's Eve 2017 1h 20m
Paradise Club poster Paradise Club 2016 1h 33m R
Lux in Tenebris poster Lux in Tenebris 2017 1h 32m
The Beautiful Ones poster The Beautiful Ones 2017 1h 34m
The Immortal Wars poster The Immortal Wars 2017 1h 32m R
You're Gonna Miss Me poster You're Gonna Miss Me 2017 -
Lore poster Lore 2017 1h 49m
But Deliver Us from Evil poster But Deliver Us from Evil 2017 1h 49m
Actors Anonymous poster Actors Anonymous 2017 -
The Institute poster The Institute 2017 1h 30m R
The Red Maple Leaf poster The Red Maple Leaf 2016 2h 12m
The Summoning poster The Summoning 2017 1h 27m
The Matadors poster The Matadors 2017 1h 59m
Juvie poster Juvie 2020 1h 26m
Naked People Every Where poster Naked People Every Where 2017 1h 33m
The Best Thanksgiving Ever poster The Best Thanksgiving Ever 2016 1h 29m R
A Husband for Christmas poster A Husband for Christmas 2016 1h 25m
EuroClub poster EuroClub 2016 1h 33m