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Jerry Wasserman

Jerry Wasserman

78 years old. Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA on 2nd November 1945.
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Jerry Wasserman is an actor with a career spanning 37 years, from 1985 to 2022, starting at the age of 40. His first film was Blackout and his latest film was The Wedding Veil Legacy. A lot of his work has been in the Thriller and Drama genres.

Known For


Released Films (47)

Film Film Year Runtime Rating Streaming Options
The Wedding Veil Legacy poster The Wedding Veil Legacy 2022 1h 24m
Hallmark Movies Now Apple TV Channel
Heatwave poster Heatwave 2022 1h 40m
William poster William 2019 1h 42m
Little Pink House poster Little Pink House 2017 1h 38m
Plex Channel
Reap What You Sew: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery poster Reap What You Sew: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery 2018 1h 24m
Hallmark Movies Now Apple TV Channel
Woman on the Run poster Woman on the Run 2017 1h 28m
Lifetime Movie Club Apple TV Channel
Lifetime Movie Club Amazon Channel
Feed the Gods poster Feed the Gods 2014 1h 24m
The Editor poster The Editor 2014 1h 35m
Plex Channel
Scarecrow poster Scarecrow 2013 1h 25m
Cinemanovels poster Cinemanovels 2013 1h 29m
Goodnight for Justice: Queen of Hearts poster Goodnight for Justice: Queen of Hearts 2013 1h 26m
Doomsday Prophecy poster Doomsday Prophecy 2011 1h 29m
Sins of the Mother poster Sins of the Mother 2010 1h 30m
Lifetime Movie Club Apple TV Channel
Lifetime Movie Club Amazon Channel
Alien Trespass poster Alien Trespass 2009 1h 30m
Plex Channel
Watchmen poster Watchmen 2009 2h 42m
The Last Mimzy poster The Last Mimzy 2007 1h 34m
Black Christmas poster Black Christmas 2006 1h 24m
Paramount+ with Showtime
Trapped Ashes poster Trapped Ashes 2006 1h 44m
The Butterfly Effect 2 poster The Butterfly Effect 2 2006 1h 35m
Severed poster Severed 2005 1h 33m
The Long Weekend poster The Long Weekend 2005 1h 25m
Bob the Butler poster Bob the Butler 2005 1h 30m
Plex Channel
I, Robot poster I, Robot 2004 1h 55m
1st to Die poster 1st to Die 2003 3h
The Heart Department 2001 -
Christina's House poster Christina's House 2000 1h 30m
ScreenPix Apple TV Channel
A Cooler Climate poster A Cooler Climate 1999 1h 39m
Outrage poster Outrage 1998 1h 28m
Mr. Magoo poster Mr. Magoo 1997 1h 24m
Wounded poster Wounded 1997 1h 36m
Plex Channel
Maternal Instincts poster Maternal Instincts 1996 1h 32m
Mask of Death poster Mask of Death 1996 1h 29m
Crying Freeman poster Crying Freeman 1995 1h 42m
Red Scorpion 2 poster Red Scorpion 2 1994 1h 35m
The Only Way Out poster The Only Way Out 1993 -
When a Stranger Calls Back poster When a Stranger Calls Back 1993 1h 34m
Miracle on Interstate 880 poster Miracle on Interstate 880 1993 1h 30m
Alive poster Alive 1993 2h
Stay Tuned poster Stay Tuned 1992 1h 27m
Mystery Date poster Mystery Date 1991 1h 37m
Run poster Run 1991 1h 31m
Cold Front poster Cold Front 1989 1h 36m
Short Time poster Short Time 1990 1h 37m
Look Who's Talking poster Look Who's Talking 1989 1h 33m
The Fly II poster The Fly II 1989 1h 45m
The Accused poster The Accused 1988 1h 51m
Blackout poster Blackout 1985 1h 40m

Regularly Credited With

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Kevin McNulty
8 films together
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His Top Genres 1
16% Thriller
+ 118 more
His Top Years
9% 1993
+ 28 more

1 Genres are counted according to total films, not total genres, as such the overall total of all genress will be more than 100%.

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Jerry Wasserman FAQ

How old is Jerry Wasserman?

78 years old.

When was Jerry Wasserman born?

2nd November 1945

Where was Jerry Wasserman born?

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

What is Jerry Wasserman known for?
Has Jerry Wasserman won an Oscar?

No, up to this point he has never won an Oscar.

Has Jerry Wasserman won a BAFTA?

No, up to this point he has never won an BAFTA.

What ethnicity is Jerry Wasserman?

He is Caucasian.