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Jim Belushi

Jim Belushi

69 years old. Born in Chicago, Illinois, USA on 15th June 1954.
A member of The Belushi Family
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Jim Belushi is an actor with a career spanning 44 years, from 1978 to 2022, starting at the age of 24. His first film was The Fury and his latest film was Gigi & Nate. A lot of his work has been in the Comedy and Drama genres.

Known For


Released Films (93)

Film Film Year Runtime Rating Streaming Options
Gigi & Nate poster Gigi & Nate 2022 1h 54m PG-13
Katie Says Goodbye poster Katie Says Goodbye 2016 1h 28m
Wonder Wheel poster Wonder Wheel 2017 1h 41m
Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie poster Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie 2017 1h 21m
Sollers Point poster Sollers Point 2017 1h 41m R
A Change of Heart poster A Change of Heart 2017 -
The Hollow Point poster The Hollow Point 2016 1h 34m R
Undrafted poster Undrafted 2016 1h 40m NR
The Whole Truth poster The Whole Truth 2016 1h 33m R
Home Sweet Hell poster Home Sweet Hell 2015 1h 38m R
Saturday Night Live: 40th Anniversary Special poster Saturday Night Live: 40th Anniversary Special 2015 1h 46m
Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return poster Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return 2013 1h 28m PG
Stan Lee's Mighty 7 poster Stan Lee's Mighty 7 2014 1h 6m
The Secret Lives of Dorks poster The Secret Lives of Dorks 2013 1h 31m PG-13
Thunderstruck poster Thunderstruck 2012 1h 34m PG
New Year's Eve poster New Year's Eve 2011 1h 58m
Cougars, Inc. poster Cougars, Inc. 2011 1h 21m R
The Ghost Writer poster The Ghost Writer 2010 2h 8m PG-13
Scooby-Doo! and the Goblin King poster Scooby-Doo! and the Goblin King 2008 1h 15m G
Snow Buddies poster Snow Buddies 2008 1h 27m G
Underdog poster Underdog 2007 1h 21m PG
Farce of the Penguins poster Farce of the Penguins 2006 1h 20m R
Casper's Scare School poster Casper's Scare School 2006 1h 18m
The Wild poster The Wild 2006 1h 35m G
Hoodwinked! poster Hoodwinked! 2005 1h 22m PG
Dog's Best Friend poster Dog's Best Friend 1997 1h 28m
Tugger: The Jeep 4x4 Who Wanted to Fly poster Tugger: The Jeep 4x4 Who Wanted to Fly 2005 1h 5m G
DysEnchanted poster DysEnchanted 2004 8m
Easy Sex poster Easy Sex 2003 1h 30m R
Rugrats: Babies in Toyland 2002 45m
A Scooby-Doo! Christmas poster A Scooby-Doo! Christmas 2002 22m
K-9: P.I. poster K-9: P.I. 2002 1h 35m
One Way Out poster One Way Out 2002 1h 34m R
Snow Dogs poster Snow Dogs 2002 1h 39m PG
Joe Somebody poster Joe Somebody 2001 1h 39m PG
Into the Valley of Death 2001 1h 2m
Robbie the Reindeer: Hooves of Fire poster Robbie the Reindeer: Hooves of Fire 1999 32m
Who Killed Atlanta's Children? poster Who Killed Atlanta's Children? 2000 1h 45m
Return to Me poster Return to Me 2000 1h 55m PG
K-911 poster K-911 1999 1h 31m PG-13
The Nuttiest Nutcracker poster The Nuttiest Nutcracker 1999 48m
Made Men poster Made Men 1999 1h 31m
Justice poster Justice 1999 1h 43m
The Florentine poster The Florentine 1999 1h 44m
Angel's Dance poster Angel's Dance 1999 1h 39m
Wag the Dog poster Wag the Dog 1997 1h 37m R
Babes in Toyland poster Babes in Toyland 1997 1h 14m G
Gang Related poster Gang Related 1997 1h 42m R
Living in Peril poster Living in Peril 1997 1h 33m R
Bad Baby poster Bad Baby 1997 1h 19m G
Gold In The Streets poster Gold In The Streets 1997 1h 34m
Retroactive poster Retroactive 1997 1h 31m R
Jingle All the Way poster Jingle All the Way 1996 1h 29m PG
Mighty Ducks the Movie: The First Face-Off poster Mighty Ducks the Movie: The First Face-Off 1996 1h 6m
Race the Sun poster Race the Sun 1996 1h 40m PG
Separate Lives poster Separate Lives 1995 1h 42m
Canadian Bacon poster Canadian Bacon 1995 1h 31m PG
Destiny Turns on the Radio poster Destiny Turns on the Radio 1995 1h 42m R
Sahara poster Sahara 1995 1h 46m
The Pebble and the Penguin poster The Pebble and the Penguin 1995 1h 14m G
The Louie N' Louie Show poster The Louie N' Louie Show 1995 8m G
Royce poster Royce 1994 1h 38m
Parallel Lives poster Parallel Lives 1994 1h 45m
Last Action Hero poster Last Action Hero
as Himself
1993 2h 10m
Traces of Red poster Traces of Red 1992 1h 45m R
Once Upon a Crime poster Once Upon a Crime 1992 1h 34m PG
Diary of a Hitman poster Diary of a Hitman 1991 1h 30m R
Curly Sue poster Curly Sue 1991 1h 41m PG
Only the Lonely poster Only the Lonely 1991 1h 44m PG-13
Abraxas, Guardian of the Universe poster Abraxas, Guardian of the Universe 1990 1h 30m PG-13
Mr. Destiny poster Mr. Destiny 1990 1h 50m PG-13
Masters of Menace poster Masters of Menace 1990 1h 37m
Taking Care of Business poster Taking Care of Business 1990 1h 48m R
Wedding Band poster Wedding Band 1989 1h 22m R
The Palermo Connection poster The Palermo Connection 1990 1h 40m R
Homer and Eddie poster Homer and Eddie 1989 1h 40m R
K-9 poster K-9 1989 1h 41m PG-13
Who's Harry Crumb? poster Who's Harry Crumb? 1989 1h 34m PG-13
Paramount+ with Showtime
Red Heat poster Red Heat 1988 1h 44m R
Real Men poster Real Men 1987 1h 25m PG-13
The Principal poster The Principal 1987 1h 49m R
Little Shop of Horrors poster Little Shop of Horrors 1986 1h 34m PG-13
About Last Night... poster About Last Night... 1986 1h 53m R
Jumpin' Jack Flash poster Jumpin' Jack Flash 1986 1h 40m R
Salvador poster Salvador 1986 2h 3m R
Mutant Video poster Mutant Video 1986 58m
The Birthday Boy poster The Birthday Boy 1986 33m
The Man with One Red Shoe poster The Man with One Red Shoe 1985 1h 30m PG
Pinocchio poster Pinocchio 1984 52m
The Best Legs in Eighth Grade poster The Best Legs in Eighth Grade 1984 48m
Trading Places poster Trading Places 1983 1h 56m R
Thief poster Thief 1981 2h 3m R
Paramount+ with Showtime
The Fury poster The Fury 1978 1h 58m R

Regularly Credited With

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His Top Genres 1
21% Comedy
+ 269 more
His Top Years
9% 1997
+ 35 more
Top Character Types
67% Detective
+ 2 more
Hero or Villain?
100% Bad
+ 1 more
Role Type
67% Lead
+ 2 more

1 Genres are counted according to total films, not total genres, as such the overall total of all genress will be more than 100%.

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Jim Belushi FAQ

How old is Jim Belushi?

69 years old.

When was Jim Belushi born?

15th June 1954

Where was Jim Belushi born?

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Has Jim Belushi won an Oscar?

No, up to this point he has never won an Oscar.

Has Jim Belushi won a BAFTA?

No, up to this point he has never won an BAFTA.

What ethnicity is Jim Belushi?

He is Caucasian.