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John Ratzenberger

John Ratzenberger

77 years old. Born in Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA on 6th April 1947.
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John Ratzenberger is an actor with a career spanning 48 years, from 1976 to 2024, starting at the age of 29. His first film was The Ritz and his latest film will be Luck. A lot of his work has been in the Comedy and Family genres.

Known For


Upcoming Films (1)

Film Year Runtime Status Options
Inside Out 2 poster Inside Out 2
Fritz (voice)
2024 - Unknown Status

Released Films (97)

Film Film Year Runtime Rating Streaming Options
Luck poster Luck 2022 1h 45m G
Soul poster Soul 2020 1h 40m PG
Onward poster Onward
as Construction Worker Fennwick (voice)
2020 1h 43m PG
Miracle in East Texas poster Miracle in East Texas 2019 2h 5m
Forky Asks a Question: What Is Reading? poster Forky Asks a Question: What Is Reading? 2020 4m
Forky Asks a Question: What Is a Friend? poster Forky Asks a Question: What Is a Friend? 2019 3m
Forky Asks a Question: What Is Money? poster Forky Asks a Question: What Is Money? 2019 3m
Toy Story 4 poster Toy Story 4 2019 1h 40m G
Project: Puppies for Christmas poster Project: Puppies for Christmas 2019 1h 33m
Incredibles 2 poster Incredibles 2 2018 1h 58m PG
Pup Star: World Tour poster Pup Star: World Tour 2018 1h 27m
Shifting Gears poster Shifting Gears 2018 1h 42m NR
Coco poster Coco 2017 1h 45m PG
Pup Star: Better 2Gether poster Pup Star: Better 2Gether 2017 1h 30m G
Cars 3 poster Cars 3 2017 1h 42m G
Pup Star poster Pup Star 2016 1h 32m
Finding Dory poster Finding Dory 2016 1h 37m PG
Change of Heart poster Change of Heart 2016 1h 25m PG
Monkey Up poster Monkey Up 2016 1h 23m PG
The Good Dinosaur poster The Good Dinosaur 2015 1h 33m PG
Inside Out poster Inside Out 2015 1h 35m PG
Russell Madness poster Russell Madness 2015 1h 32m
The Santa Con poster The Santa Con 2014 1h 26m
How Murray Saved Christmas poster How Murray Saved Christmas 2014 42m
A Christmas Mystery poster A Christmas Mystery 2014 1h 30m PG
Xumo Play
Planes: Fire & Rescue poster Planes: Fire & Rescue 2014 1h 23m PG
Grace of God poster Grace of God 2014 1h 39m
In The Name of God poster In The Name of God 2013 - PG
Planes poster Planes 2013 1h 31m PG
Super Buddies poster Super Buddies 2013 1h 21m G
Monsters University poster Monsters University 2013 1h 44m G
Matchmaker Santa poster Matchmaker Santa 2012 1h 23m
Partysaurus Rex poster Partysaurus Rex 2012 7m G
Brave poster Brave 2012 1h 33m PG
WWJD II: The Woodcarver poster WWJD II: The Woodcarver 2012 1h 36m
Fixing Pete poster Fixing Pete 2011 2h
Local Commercial poster Local Commercial 2012 25m
Small Fry poster Small Fry 2011 7m G
Hawaiian Vacation poster Hawaiian Vacation 2011 6m G
Cars 2 poster Cars 2 2011 1h 46m G
What if... poster What if... 2010 1h 51m PG
Toy Story 3 poster Toy Story 3 2010 1h 43m G
Up poster Up 2009 1h 36m PG
Our First Christmas poster Our First Christmas 2008 1h 29m G
WALL-E poster WALL-E 2008 1h 38m G
The Village Barbershop poster The Village Barbershop 2008 1h 39m
Your Friend the Rat poster Your Friend the Rat 2007 11m G
The Pixar Story poster The Pixar Story 2007 1h 27m
Ratatouille poster Ratatouille 2007 1h 51m G
Mystery Woman: Redemption poster Mystery Woman: Redemption 2006 1h 17m
Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut poster Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut 2006 1h 56m PG
Cars poster Cars 2006 1h 57m G
The Incredibles poster The Incredibles 2004 1h 55m PG
Finding Nemo poster Finding Nemo 2003 1h 40m G
Determination of Death poster Determination of Death 2001 -
Monsters, Inc. poster Monsters, Inc. 2001 1h 32m G
Tick Tock poster Tick Tock 2000 1h 30m R
Toy Story 2 poster Toy Story 2 1999 1h 32m G
A Fare to Remember poster A Fare to Remember 1999 1h 40m
A Bug's Life poster A Bug's Life
as P.T. Flea
1998 1h 35m G
Monty Python: Live at Aspen poster Monty Python: Live at Aspen 1998 58m
One Night Stand poster One Night Stand 1997 1h 42m R
Bad Day on the Block poster Bad Day on the Block 1997 1h 28m R
That Darn Cat poster That Darn Cat 1997 1h 29m
Tiny Toy Stories poster Tiny Toy Stories 1996 - NR
Toy Story poster Toy Story 1995 1h 21m G
Camp Cucamonga poster Camp Cucamonga 1990 1h 33m PG
The Earth Day Special poster The Earth Day Special 1990 1h 39m
Mickey's 60th Birthday poster Mickey's 60th Birthday 1988 45m
Going to the Chapel poster Going to the Chapel 1988 1h 36m
She's Having a Baby poster She's Having a Baby 1988 1h 46m PG-13
House II: The Second Story poster House II: The Second Story 1987 1h 28m PG-13
Timestalkers poster Timestalkers 1987 1h 23m NR
Combat Academy poster Combat Academy 1986 1h 36m
The Falcon and the Snowman poster The Falcon and the Snowman 1985 2h 12m R
Right of Way poster Right of Way 1983 1h 46m
Gandhi poster Gandhi 1982 3h 11m PG
Firefox poster Firefox 1982 2h 16m
Rating Notman 1982 27m
Warlords of the 21st Century poster Warlords of the 21st Century 1982 1h 31m PG
Reds poster Reds 1981 3h 15m
Ragtime poster Ragtime 1981 2h 35m PG
Outland poster Outland 1981 1h 52m R
The Good Soldier poster The Good Soldier 1981 2h
Superman II poster Superman II 1980 2h 7m PG
Motel Hell poster Motel Hell 1980 1h 42m R
Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back poster Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back 1980 2h 4m PG
Yanks poster Yanks 1979 2h 18m R
Arabian Adventure poster Arabian Adventure 1979 1h 38m
Hanover Street poster Hanover Street 1979 1h 49m PG
The Bitch poster The Bitch 1979 1h 29m
Superman poster Superman 1978 2h 23m PG
Warlords of Atlantis poster Warlords of Atlantis 1978 1h 36m PG
Valentino poster Valentino 1977 2h 8m R
A Bridge Too Far poster A Bridge Too Far 1977 2h 55m PG
Twilight's Last Gleaming poster Twilight's Last Gleaming 1977 2h 26m R
The Ritz poster The Ritz 1976 1h 31m

Regularly Credited With

Bob Peterson
Bob Peterson
13 films together
Jeff Pidgeon
Jeff Pidgeon
12 films together
Bob Bergen
Bob Bergen
11 films together
Jess Harnell
Jess Harnell
11 films together
Jan Rabson
Jan Rabson
11 films together
Sherry Lynn's profile
Sherry Lynn
10 films together
Tom Hanks's profile
Tom Hanks
9 films together
Tim Allen's profile
Tim Allen
9 films together
Bonnie Hunt's profile
Bonnie Hunt
9 films together


His Top Genres 1
16% Comedy
+ 313 more
His Top Years
6% 2019
+ 38 more
Role Type
67% Voice
+ 1 more

1 Genres are counted according to total films, not total genres, as such the overall total of all genress will be more than 100%.

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John Ratzenberger FAQ

How old is John Ratzenberger?

77 years old.

When was John Ratzenberger born?

6th April 1947

Where was John Ratzenberger born?

Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA

Has John Ratzenberger won an Oscar?

No, up to this point he has never won an Oscar.

Has John Ratzenberger won a BAFTA?

No, up to this point he has never won an BAFTA.

What ethnicity is John Ratzenberger?

He is Caucasian.