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Lance Henriksen

Lance Henriksen

84 years old. Born in New York City, New York, USA on 5th May 1940.
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Lance Henriksen is an actor with a career spanning 51 years, from 1972 to 2023, starting at the age of 32. He's considered to be a horror icon because of his impact on the genre. His first film was Awaken and his latest film was On Fire. A lot of his work has been in the Thriller and Horror genres.

Famous Roles: Bishop

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Released Films (193)

Film Film Year Runtime Rating Streaming Options
On Fire poster On Fire 2023 1h 20m
The Artifice Girl poster The Artifice Girl 2022 1h 33m
ICON: The Robert Englund Story poster ICON: The Robert Englund Story 2022 2h 10m
The Edge of Her Mind Anthology poster The Edge of Her Mind Anthology 2022 1h 26m
One for the Road poster One for the Road 2021 15m
Vote for Santa poster Vote for Santa 2021 -
Alpha Rift poster Alpha Rift 2021 1h 34m
Why? poster Why? 2021 1h 28m
Reklaw poster Reklaw 2021 12m
The Dead of Night poster The Dead of Night 2021 1h 30m
A Place Among the Dead poster A Place Among the Dead 2020 1h 16m
The Unhealer poster The Unhealer 2020 1h 34m
Plex Channel
Falling poster Falling 2020 1h 52m
Plex Channel
Being poster Being 2019 1h 26m
Xumo Play
Eminence Hill poster Eminence Hill 2019 1h 40m
Plex Channel
Exorcism at 60,000 Feet poster Exorcism at 60,000 Feet 2019 1h 35m
Plex Channel
A.I. 187 poster A.I. 187 2019 1h 41m
Plex Channel
Cliffs of Freedom poster Cliffs of Freedom 2019 2h 17m
D-Railed poster D-Railed 2018 1h 30m
Mimesis: Nosferatu poster Mimesis: Nosferatu 2018 1h 40m
Plex Channel
A Reckoning poster A Reckoning 2018 1h 20m
Plex Channel
Xumo Play
Big Legend poster Big Legend 2018 1h 29m
West of Hell poster West of Hell 2018 1h 20m
Gone Are the Days poster Gone Are the Days 2018 1h 39m
This Old Machine poster This Old Machine 2017 1h 23m
Mom and Dad poster Mom and Dad 2017 1h 26m
After the Sun Fell poster After the Sun Fell 2016 1h 50m
Wraith poster Wraith 2017 1h 39m
Plex Channel
The Unwilling poster The Unwilling 2016 1h 21m
Cut to the Chase poster Cut to the Chase 2016 1h 30m
Needlestick poster Needlestick 2017 1h 25m
The Machine 2017 1h 30m
Deserted poster Deserted 2016 1h 32m
The Sector poster The Sector 2016 1h 26m
Daylight's End poster Daylight's End 2016 2h
Monday at 11:01 A.M. poster Monday at 11:01 A.M. 2016 1h 36m
Lake Eerie poster Lake Eerie 2016 1h 44m
Gehenna: Where Death Lives poster Gehenna: Where Death Lives 2016 1h 47m
Harbinger Down poster Harbinger Down 2015 1h 22m
Plex Channel
Stung poster Stung 2015 1h 27m
Spirit Riders poster Spirit Riders 2015 1h 32m
Plex Channel
UP Faith & Family Apple TV Channel
Justice Served poster Justice Served 2015 1h 42m
Kids vs Monsters poster Kids vs Monsters 2015 1h 41m
Paranormal Island poster Paranormal Island 2014 1h 22m
Plex Channel
Garm Wars: The Last Druid poster Garm Wars: The Last Druid 2014 1h 32m
Hollows Grove poster Hollows Grove 2014 1h 21m
Plex Channel
Dark Awakening poster Dark Awakening 2014 1h 35m
Road to Paloma poster Road to Paloma 2014 1h 31m
Plex Channel
House at the End of the Drive poster House at the End of the Drive 2014 1h 31m
The Book of Daniel poster The Book of Daniel 2013 1h 28m
Blood Shot poster Blood Shot 2013 1h 35m
Plex Channel
Alien Rising poster Alien Rising 2013 1h 33m
Plex Channel
My Dog the Champion poster My Dog the Champion 2013 1h 30m
Gingerclown poster Gingerclown 2013 1h 23m
Phantom poster Phantom 2013 1h 39m
Plex Channel
Sin Reaper poster Sin Reaper 2012 1h 30m
Plex Channel
Astronaut: The Last Push poster Astronaut: The Last Push 2012 1h 30m
Plex Channel
It's in the Blood poster It's in the Blood 2012 1h 21m
Dorothy and the Witches of Oz poster Dorothy and the Witches of Oz 2011 1h 41m
The Dog Who Saved Halloween poster The Dog Who Saved Halloween 2011 1h 28m
The Arcadian poster The Arcadian 2011 1h 12m
Plex Channel
Surfing with the Enemy poster Surfing with the Enemy 2011 56m
Plex Channel
Good Day for It poster Good Day for It 2011 1h 29m
Scream of the Banshee poster Scream of the Banshee 2011 1h 30m
Monster Brawl poster Monster Brawl 2011 1h 29m
Beautiful Wave poster Beautiful Wave 2011 1h 40m
Cyrus: Mind of a Serial Killer poster Cyrus: Mind of a Serial Killer 2010 1h 27m
The Genesis Code poster The Genesis Code 2010 1h 57m
Monster Truck Mater poster Monster Truck Mater 2010 5m
Godkiller: Walk Among Us poster Godkiller: Walk Among Us 2010 1h 13m
The Penitent Man poster The Penitent Man 2010 1h 32m
Plex Channel
Bring Me the Head of Lance Henriksen poster Bring Me the Head of Lance Henriksen 2010 -
The Slammin' Salmon poster The Slammin' Salmon 2009 1h 30m
The Lost Tribe poster The Lost Tribe 2010 1h 26m
Hardwired poster Hardwired 2009 1h 34m
The Seamstress poster The Seamstress 2009 1h 25m
Jennifer's Body poster Jennifer's Body 2009 1h 40m
Nightmares in Red, White and Blue poster Nightmares in Red, White and Blue 2009 1h 36m
Screamers: The Hunting poster Screamers: The Hunting 2009 1h 34m
House poster House 2008 1h 41m
Ladies of the House poster Ladies of the House 2008 1h 36m
UP Faith & Family Apple TV Channel
Appaloosa poster Appaloosa 2008 1h 55m
Alone in the Dark 2 poster Alone in the Dark 2 2008 1h 28m
Plex Channel
Deadwater poster Deadwater 2008 1h 30m
Prairie Fever poster Prairie Fever 2008 1h 21m
Plex Channel
Pistol Whipped poster Pistol Whipped 2008 1h 36m
Dark Reel poster Dark Reel 2008 1h 48m
Necessary Evil poster Necessary Evil 2008 1h 27m
Dying God poster Dying God 2008 1h 25m
The Chosen One poster The Chosen One 2007 1h 19m
In the Spider's Web poster In the Spider's Web 2007 1h 28m
Plex Channel
Bone Dry poster Bone Dry 2007 1h 40m
Pumpkinhead: Blood Feud poster Pumpkinhead: Blood Feud 2007 1h 35m
Prince of the City: The Real Story 2007 28m
Pumpkinhead: Ashes to Ashes poster Pumpkinhead: Ashes to Ashes 2006 1h 31m
Sasquatch Mountain poster Sasquatch Mountain 2006 1h 30m
Pirates of Treasure Island poster Pirates of Treasure Island 2006 1h 25m
Superman: Brainiac Attacks poster Superman: Brainiac Attacks 2006 1h 15m
The Da Vinci Treasure poster The Da Vinci Treasure 2006 1h 31m
Plex Channel
Abominable poster Abominable 2006 1h 34m
Plex Channel
The Making of 'Network' poster The Making of 'Network' 2006 1h 25m
When a Stranger Calls poster When a Stranger Calls 2006 1h 27m
The Garden poster The Garden 2006 1h 32m
Hellraiser: Hellworld poster Hellraiser: Hellworld 2005 1h 31m
Supernova poster Supernova 2005 2h 52m
A Message from Fallujah poster A Message from Fallujah 2005 15m
Tarzan 2: The Legend Begins poster Tarzan 2: The Legend Begins 2005 1h 12m
Dream Warrior poster Dream Warrior 2003 1h 35m
Starkweather poster Starkweather 2004 1h 32m
Alien vs Predator poster Alien vs Predator 2004 1h 41m
Vampires: Out For Blood poster Vampires: Out For Blood 2004 1h 35m
Evel Knievel poster Evel Knievel 2004 1h 31m
Madhouse poster Madhouse 2004 1h 31m
One Point O poster One Point O 2004 1h 29m
The Invitation poster The Invitation 2003 1h 25m
Unspeakable poster Unspeakable 2002 1h 48m
Plex Channel
Rapid Exchange poster Rapid Exchange 2003 1h 37m
Mimic: Sentinel poster Mimic: Sentinel 2003 1h 17m
Expedition: Bismarck poster Expedition: Bismarck 2002 1h 32m
Antibody poster Antibody 2002 1h 30m
Sasquatch poster Sasquatch 2002 1h 32m
The Last Cowboy poster The Last Cowboy 2003 -
UP Faith & Family Apple TV Channel
Lost Voyage poster Lost Voyage 2001 1h 36m
Xumo Play
Alien Evolution poster Alien Evolution 2001 1h 15m
The Mangler 2 poster The Mangler 2 2002 1h 37m
Scream 3 poster Scream 3 2000 1h 56m
Tales from the Crypt: The Robert Zemeckis Collection 1999 1h 27m
Tarzan poster Tarzan 1999 1h 28m
The Day Lincoln Was Shot poster The Day Lincoln Was Shot 1998 1h 35m
Dusting Cliff 7 poster Dusting Cliff 7 1997 1h 33m
Plex Channel
Gunfighter's Moon poster Gunfighter's Moon 1995 1h 35m
No Contest II poster No Contest II 1996 1h 26m
Profile for Murder poster Profile for Murder 1996 1h 35m
Dead Man poster Dead Man 1995 2h 1m
Powder poster Powder 1995 1h 51m
Nature of the Beast poster Nature of the Beast 1995 1h 31m
Plex Channel
Mind Ripper poster Mind Ripper 1995 1h 34m
Plex Channel
The Quick and the Dead poster The Quick and the Dead 1995 1h 47m
Spitfire poster Spitfire 1995 1h 35m