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Michael Madsen

Michael Madsen

66 years old. Born in Chicago, Illinois, USA on 25th September 1957.
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Michael Madsen is an actor with a career spanning 40 years, from 1983 to 2023, starting at the age of 26. His first film was Arena Wars and his latest film was Assault on Hill 400. A lot of his work has been in the Thriller and Action genres.

Known For


Released Films (122)

Film Film Year Runtime Rating Streaming Options
Buckle Up poster Buckle Up 2023 -
Assault on Hill 400 poster Assault on Hill 400 2023 1h 27m
Death Count poster Death Count 2022 1h 21m
Incarnation poster Incarnation 2022 2h 8m NR
Damon's Revenge poster Damon's Revenge 2022 1h 29m R
American Night poster American Night 2021 2h 3m R
Burial Ground Massacre poster Burial Ground Massacre 2021 1h 40m
Red Prophecies poster Red Prophecies 2021 1h 30m
Xumo Play
Dirty Fears poster Dirty Fears 2020 1h 23m
Unbelievable!!!!! poster Unbelievable!!!!! 2020 1h 50m PG
Puppy Love poster Puppy Love 2020 1h 50m
Conjuring: The Book of the Dead poster Conjuring: The Book of the Dead 2020 -
Angels Fallen poster Angels Fallen 2020 1h 26m
Xumo Play
QT8: The First Eight poster QT8: The First Eight 2019 1h 43m
Xumo Play
Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood poster Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood 2019 2h 41m R
Born2Race poster Born2Race 2019 1h 20m
Trading Paint poster Trading Paint 2019 1h 27m R
Q-4: Dream Corporation poster Q-4: Dream Corporation 2018 1h 30m
Papa poster Papa 2018 - R
Garlic and Gunpowder poster Garlic and Gunpowder 2017 1h 36m
Grindhouse Nightmares poster Grindhouse Nightmares 2017 1h 15m NR
Unfallen poster Unfallen 2017 1h 37m
The Wrong Neighbor poster The Wrong Neighbor 2017 1h 28m PG-13
Vigilante Diaries poster Vigilante Diaries 2016 1h 47m R
Back in the Day poster Back in the Day 2016 2h 1m
Magi poster Magi 2016 2h 12m
The Hateful Eight poster The Hateful Eight 2015 3h 8m R
Lumberjack Man poster Lumberjack Man 2015 1h 45m
The Lost Tree poster The Lost Tree 2016 1h 28m
Lady Psycho Killer poster Lady Psycho Killer 2015 1h 22m
No Deposit poster No Deposit 2015 1h 20m
A Hitman in London poster A Hitman in London 2015 1h 37m R
Diamond Cartel poster Diamond Cartel 2015 1h 50m
Hope Lost poster Hope Lost 2015 1h 34m
Beyond the Game poster Beyond the Game 2016 1h 28m NR
2047: Sights of Death poster 2047: Sights of Death 2014 1h 25m
I'm in Love with a Church Girl poster I'm in Love with a Church Girl 2013 1h 58m PG
Ashley poster Ashley 2013 1h 32m
Madoff: Made Off with America poster Madoff: Made Off with America 2013 1h 50m
Magic Boys poster Magic Boys 2012 1h 40m PG-13
Beyond the Trophy poster Beyond the Trophy 2012 -
Piranhaconda poster Piranhaconda 2012 1h 30m
Sins poster Sins 2012 1h 18m NR
Eldorado poster Eldorado 2012 1h 34m
Not Another Not Another Movie poster Not Another Not Another Movie 2011 1h 29m R
The Lion of Judah poster The Lion of Judah 2011 1h 27m PG
Xumo Play
Univer Video
Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair poster Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair 2011 4h 7m R
Let the Game Begin poster Let the Game Begin 2010 1h 51m
The Killing Jar poster The Killing Jar 2010 1h 32m
The Tomb poster The Tomb 2009 1h 29m R
Green Lantern: First Flight poster Green Lantern: First Flight 2009 1h 15m PG-13
Shannon's Rainbow poster Shannon's Rainbow 2009 1h 32m PG
Christmas Crash poster Christmas Crash 2009 1h 36m
House poster House 2008 1h 41m R
Hell Ride poster Hell Ride 2008 1h 24m
Vice poster Vice 2008 1h 39m
Croc poster Croc 2007 1h 40m
Boarding Gate poster Boarding Gate 2007 1h 46m
Living & Dying poster Living & Dying 2007 1h 30m
The Last Drop poster The Last Drop 2006 1h 43m
Scary Movie 4 poster Scary Movie 4 2006 1h 23m PG-13
All In poster All In 2006 1h 38m
Hoboken Hollow poster Hoboken Hollow 2006 1h 38m
Big Bug Man poster Big Bug Man 2006 -
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe poster The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe 2005 2h 23m PG
BloodRayne poster BloodRayne 2005 1h 39m R
Chasing Ghosts poster Chasing Ghosts 2005 1h 59m
Sin City poster Sin City 2005 2h 4m R
Kill Bill: Vol. 2 poster Kill Bill: Vol. 2 2004 2h 16m R
Blueberry poster Blueberry 2004 2h 4m R
Vampires Anonymous poster Vampires Anonymous 2003 1h 28m R
Kill Bill: Vol. 1 poster Kill Bill: Vol. 1 2003 1h 51m R
My Boss's Daughter poster My Boss's Daughter 2003 1h 23m PG-13
Pauly Shore Is Dead poster Pauly Shore Is Dead 2003 1h 22m R
Die Another Day poster Die Another Day 2002 2h 13m PG-13
Welcome to America 2002 -
L.A.P.D.: To Protect And To Serve poster L.A.P.D.: To Protect And To Serve 2001 1h 34m
The Ghost poster The Ghost 2001 1h 26m
Choke poster Choke 2001 1h 29m R
The Alternate poster The Alternate 2000 1h 35m
Luck of the Draw poster Luck of the Draw 2000 1h 41m R
Voodoo Dawn poster Voodoo Dawn 1998 1h 34m R
The Inspectors 2: A Shred of Evidence poster The Inspectors 2: A Shred of Evidence 2000 1h 37m
Ultimate Target poster Ultimate Target 2000 1h 23m
Ballad of the Nightingale poster Ballad of the Nightingale 1999 1h 32m
Supreme Sanction poster Supreme Sanction 1999 1h 35m
The Florentine poster The Florentine 1999 1h 44m
Detour poster Detour 1998 1h 33m
Species II poster Species II 1998 1h 33m R
Rough Draft poster Rough Draft 1998 1h 35m
Catherine's Grove poster Catherine's Grove 1997 - R
Executive Target poster Executive Target 1997 1h 40m R
Donnie Brasco poster Donnie Brasco 1997 2h 7m
The Last Days of Frankie the Fly poster The Last Days of Frankie the Fly 1996 1h 36m
The Winner poster The Winner 1996 1h 32m R
Mulholland Falls poster Mulholland Falls 1996 1h 47m R
Red Line poster Red Line 1995 1h 42m
Man with a Gun poster Man with a Gun 1995 1h 31m
Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home poster Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home 1995 1h 35m
Species poster Species 1995 1h 48m R
Wyatt Earp poster Wyatt Earp 1994 3h 11m PG-13
Season of Change poster Season of Change 1994 1h 31m
Blue Tiger poster Blue Tiger 1994 1h 28m
The Getaway poster The Getaway 1994 1h 55m R
Money for Nothing poster Money for Nothing 1993 1h 40m R
Almost Blue poster Almost Blue 1996 1h 25m
Free Willy poster Free Willy 1993 1h 52m PG
Beyond the Law poster Beyond the Law 1993 1h 48m R
A House In The Hills poster A House In The Hills 1993 1h 27m R
Trouble Bound poster Trouble Bound 1993 1h 30m R
Reservoir Dogs poster Reservoir Dogs 1992 1h 39m
Paramount+ with Showtime
Baby Snatcher poster Baby Snatcher 1992 1h 33m
Straight Talk poster Straight Talk 1992 1h 31m PG
Thelma & Louise poster Thelma & Louise 1991 2h 10m R
The Doors poster The Doors 1991 2h 20m
Kill Me Again poster Kill Me Again 1989 1h 34m R
Blood Red poster Blood Red 1989 1h 31m R
The Killing Time poster The Killing Time 1987 1h 34m
The Natural poster The Natural 1984 2h 17m PG
Racing with the Moon poster Racing with the Moon 1984 1h 48m PG
Paramount+ with Showtime
WarGames poster WarGames 1983 1h 54m PG
Arena Wars poster Arena Wars 2023 1h 36m

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His Top Genres 1
16% Thriller
+ 309 more
His Top Years
6% 2015
+ 36 more
Top Character Types
50% Mercenary
+ 1 more
Role Type
100% Support

1 Genres are counted according to total films, not total genres, as such the overall total of all genress will be more than 100%.

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Michael Madsen FAQ

How old is Michael Madsen?

66 years old.

When was Michael Madsen born?

25th September 1957

Where was Michael Madsen born?

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Has Michael Madsen won an Oscar?

No, up to this point he has never won an Oscar.

Has Michael Madsen won a BAFTA?

No, up to this point he has never won an BAFTA.

What ethnicity is Michael Madsen?

He is Caucasian.