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Mickey Rourke

Mickey Rourke

71 years old. Born in Schenectady, New York, USA on 16th September 1952.
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Mickey Rourke is a Bafta winning actor with a career spanning 48 years, from 1976 to 2024, starting at the age of 24. His first film was 1941 and his latest film will be Not Another Church Movie. A lot of his work has been in the Drama and Action genres.

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Upcoming Films (4)

Film Year Runtime Status Options
Bring the Law - Unknown Status
She's Still Here poster She's Still Here - Unknown Status
The Mob Priest poster The Mob Priest
- Production Limbo
Murder at Hollow Creek poster Murder at Hollow Creek 2024 - Unknown Status

Released Films (91)

Film Film Year Runtime Rating Streaming Options
Not Another Church Movie poster Not Another Church Movie 2024 1h 31m
Jade poster Jade 2024 1h 28m
The Palace poster The Palace 2023 1h 40m
Replica poster Replica 2023 -
Hunt Club poster Hunt Club 2022 1h 27m
Section 8 poster Section 8 2022 1h 38m
WarHunt poster WarHunt 2022 1h 33m
The Commando poster The Commando 2022 1h 33m
Man of God poster Man of God 2021 1h 49m
Plex Channel
Take Back poster Take Back 2021 1h 30m
Plex Channel
Adverse poster Adverse 2020 1h 34m
Girl poster Girl 2020 1h 30m
Plex Channel
The Legion poster The Legion 2020 1h 36m
Night Walk poster Night Walk 2019 1h 37m
Berlin, I Love You poster Berlin, I Love You 2019 2h
Plex Channel
Tiger poster Tiger 2018 1h 40m
Nightmare Cinema poster Nightmare Cinema 2018 1h 59m
Plex Channel
Weaponized poster Weaponized 2016 1h 31m
Plex Channel
Blunt Force Trauma poster Blunt Force Trauma 2015 1h 32m
Plex Channel
War Pigs poster War Pigs 2015 1h 32m
Plex Channel
Ashby poster Ashby 2015 1h 42m
A Hitman in London poster A Hitman in London 2015 1h 37m
Plex Channel
Sin City: A Dame to Kill For poster Sin City: A Dame to Kill For 2014 1h 42m
Plex Channel
Xumo Play
Dead in Tombstone poster Dead in Tombstone 2013 1h 40m
Generation Iron poster Generation Iron 2013 1h 46m
Java Heat poster Java Heat 2013 1h 44m
Plex Channel
Black November poster Black November 2012 1h 35m
The Courier poster The Courier 2012 1h 31m
Plex Channel
Immortals poster Immortals 2011 1h 50m
Passion Play poster Passion Play 2010 1h 34m
The Expendables poster The Expendables 2010 1h 43m
Iron Man 2 poster Iron Man 2 2010 2h 4m
13 poster 13 2010 1h 31m
Plex Channel
Killshot poster Killshot 2008 1h 35m
Plex Channel
The Informers poster The Informers 2008 1h 38m
Plex Channel
Hyung 2008 35m
The Wrestler poster The Wrestler 2008 1h 49m
Stormbreaker poster Stormbreaker 2006 1h 33m
Domino poster Domino 2005 2h 7m
Sin City poster Sin City 2005 2h 4m
Man on Fire poster Man on Fire 2004 2h 26m
Once Upon a Time in Mexico poster Once Upon a Time in Mexico 2003 1h 42m
Masked and Anonymous poster Masked and Anonymous 2003 1h 52m
Spun poster Spun 2002 1h 41m
Plex Channel
Picture Claire poster Picture Claire 2001 1h 31m
The Follow poster The Follow 2001 11m
They Crawl poster They Crawl 2001 1h 33m
The Pledge poster The Pledge 2001 2h 3m
Plex Channel
Animal Factory poster Animal Factory 2000 1h 34m
Plex Channel
Get Carter poster Get Carter 2000 1h 42m
Shades poster Shades 1999 1h 36m
Out in Fifty poster Out in Fifty 1999 1h 43m
Shergar poster Shergar 1999 1h 35m
Thursday poster Thursday 1998 1h 24m
Thicker Than Blood poster Thicker Than Blood 1998 1h 35m
Point Blank poster Point Blank 1998 1h 29m
Buffalo '66 poster Buffalo '66 1998 1h 50m
The Rainmaker poster The Rainmaker 1997 2h 15m
Paramount+ with Showtime
Exit in Red poster Exit in Red 1996 1h 37m
Another 9½ Weeks poster Another 9½ Weeks 1997 1h 45m
Plex Channel
Double Team poster Double Team 1997 1h 33m
Bullet poster Bullet 1996 1h 40m
Fall Time poster Fall Time 1995 1h 28m
Plex Channel
F.T.W. poster F.T.W. 1994 1h 40m
The Last Outlaw poster The Last Outlaw 1993 1h 33m
White Sands poster White Sands 1992 1h 41m
Plex Channel
Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man poster Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man 1991 1h 38m
Desperate Hours poster Desperate Hours 1990 1h 45m
Wild Orchid poster Wild Orchid 1989 1h 45m
Johnny Handsome poster Johnny Handsome 1989 1h 34m
Francesco poster Francesco 1989 2h 37m
Plex Channel
Homeboy poster Homeboy 1988 1h 56m
Plex Channel
A Prayer for the Dying poster A Prayer for the Dying 1987 1h 47m
ScreenPix Apple TV Channel
Barfly poster Barfly 1987 1h 40m
Angel Heart poster Angel Heart 1987 1h 53m
9½ Weeks poster 9½ Weeks 1986 1h 57m
Year of the Dragon poster Year of the Dragon 1985 2h 14m
The Pope of Greenwich Village poster The Pope of Greenwich Village 1984 2h 1m
Rumble Fish poster Rumble Fish 1983 1h 34m
Eureka poster Eureka 1983 2h 10m
ScreenPix Apple TV Channel
Diner poster Diner 1982 1h 50m
Body Heat poster Body Heat 1981 1h 53m
Heaven's Gate poster Heaven's Gate 1980 3h 39m
Rape and Marriage: The Rideout Case poster Rape and Marriage: The Rideout Case 1980 1h 36m
Fade to Black poster Fade to Black 1980 1h 42m
Shudder Apple TV Channel
Act of Love poster Act of Love 1980 1h 44m
City in Fear poster City in Fear 1980 2h 16m
1941 poster 1941 1979 1h 58m
Love in the Hamptons poster Love in the Hamptons 1976 24m
Merchandise 2017 -
Cursed poster Cursed 2016 -

Regularly Credited With

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5 films together
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His Top Genres 1
21% Drama
+ 246 more
His Top Years
6% 1980
+ 44 more
Top Character Types
25% Musician
+ 3 more
Hero or Villain?
34% Bad
+ 2 more
Role Type
80% Lead
+ 1 more

1 Genres are counted according to total films, not total genres, as such the overall total of all genress will be more than 100%.

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Mickey Rourke FAQ

How old is Mickey Rourke?

71 years old.

When was Mickey Rourke born?

16th September 1952

Where was Mickey Rourke born?

Schenectady, New York, USA

Has Mickey Rourke won an Oscar?

No, up to this point he has never won an Oscar.

Has Mickey Rourke won a BAFTA?

Yes, he has won a BAFTA for the film The Wrestler (2008)

What ethnicity is Mickey Rourke?

He is Caucasian.