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Murray Hamilton

Murray Hamilton

Born in Washington, North Carolina, USA on 24th March 1923. Died in 1986 aged 63 years old.
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Murray Hamilton was an actor with a career spanning 35 years, from 1951 to 1986, starting at the age of 28. His first film was The Whistle at Eaton Falls and his last film was Whoops Apocalypse. A lot of his work was in the Drama and Thriller genres.

Famous Roles: Mayor Vaughn

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Known For


Film Film Year Runtime Rating Streaming Options
Whoops Apocalypse poster Whoops Apocalypse 1986 1h 33m
Too Scared to Scream poster Too Scared to Scream 1984 1h 40m
Hysterical poster Hysterical 1983 1h 30m
Mazes and Monsters poster Mazes and Monsters 1982 1h 40m
Plex Channel
All the Way Home poster All the Way Home 1981 2h
Brubaker poster Brubaker 1980 2h 5m
Swan Song poster Swan Song 1980 1h 40m
1941 poster 1941 1979 1h 58m
The Amityville Horror poster The Amityville Horror 1979 1h 57m
Cinemax Apple TV Channel
Donovan's Kid poster Donovan's Kid 1979 2h
Jaws 2 poster Jaws 2 1978 1h 56m
Casey's Shadow poster Casey's Shadow 1978 1h 57m
The Drowning Pool poster The Drowning Pool 1975 1h 48m
Jaws poster Jaws 1975 2h 4m
After the Fall poster After the Fall 1974 2h 8m
The Way We Were poster The Way We Were 1973 1h 58m
A Tattered Web poster A Tattered Web 1971 1h 16m
The Boston Strangler poster The Boston Strangler 1968 1h 56m
The Graduate poster The Graduate 1967 1h 46m
Seconds poster Seconds 1966 1h 47m
13 Frightened Girls poster 13 Frightened Girls 1963 1h 29m
The Hustler poster The Hustler 1961 2h 14m
Tall Story poster Tall Story 1960 1h 31m
The FBI Story poster The FBI Story 1959 2h 29m
Anatomy of a Murder poster Anatomy of a Murder 1959 2h 41m
Houseboat poster Houseboat 1958 1h 50m
Britbox Apple TV Channel
The Spirit of St. Louis poster The Spirit of St. Louis 1957 2h 15m
The Whistle at Eaton Falls poster The Whistle at Eaton Falls 1951 1h 36m

Regularly Credited With

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Val Avery
4 films together
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His Top Genres 1
20% Drama
+ 79 more
His Top Years
11% 1979
+ 21 more

1 Genres are counted according to total films, not total genres, as such the overall total of all genress will be more than 100%.

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Murray Hamilton FAQ

How old was Murray Hamilton when he died?

63 years old.

When was Murray Hamilton born?

24th March 1923

Where was Murray Hamilton born?

Washington, North Carolina, USA

What is Murray Hamilton known for?
Has Murray Hamilton won an Oscar?

No, he never won an Oscar.

Has Murray Hamilton won a BAFTA?

No, he never won an BAFTA.

What ethnicity is Murray Hamilton?

He was Caucasian.