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Richard Lynch

Richard Lynch

Born in Brooklyn, New York, USA on 12th February 1940. Died in 2012 aged 72 years old.
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Richard Lynch was an actor with a career spanning 39 years, from 1973 to 2012, starting at the age of 33. His first film was Scarecrow and his last film was The Lords of Salem. A lot of his work was in the Horror and Action genres.

Known For


Film Film Year Runtime Rating Streaming Options
The Lords of Salem poster The Lords of Salem 2012 1h 41m
Gun of the Black Sun poster Gun of the Black Sun 2011 1h 30m
Dark Fields poster Dark Fields 2009 1h 50m
Laid to Rest poster Laid to Rest 2009 1h 30m R
Halloween poster Halloween 2007 1h 49m R
Puppet Master: The Legacy poster Puppet Master: The Legacy 2003 1h 12m NR
Corpses Are Forever poster Corpses Are Forever 2004 1h 32m
Ancient Warriors poster Ancient Warriors 2003 1h 33m R
Curse Of The Forty-Niner poster Curse Of The Forty-Niner 2002 1h 26m R
Crime and Punishment poster Crime and Punishment 2002 2h 6m
Shattered Illusions poster Shattered Illusions 1998 1h 30m
Under Oath poster Under Oath 1997 1h 32m
Total Force poster Total Force 1996 1h 34m
Darklands poster Darklands 1996 1h 30m
Cyborg 3: The Recycler poster Cyborg 3: The Recycler 1994 1h 30m R
Terrified poster Terrified 1995 1h 25m
Scanner Cop poster Scanner Cop 1994 1h 35m R
Midnight Confessions poster Midnight Confessions 1994 1h 21m
Charlie Sheen's Stunts Spectacular poster Charlie Sheen's Stunts Spectacular 1994 2h
Necronomicon poster Necronomicon 1993 1h 36m
Maximum Force poster Maximum Force 1992 1h 30m
Merlin poster Merlin 1993 1h 55m
Alligator 2: The Mutation poster Alligator 2: The Mutation 1991 1h 32m
Puppet Master III: Toulon's Revenge poster Puppet Master III: Toulon's Revenge 1991 1h 26m R
Trancers II: The Return of Jack Deth poster Trancers II: The Return of Jack Deth 1991 1h 25m R
Sticky Wickets poster Sticky Wickets 1990 1h 15m
Aftershock poster Aftershock 1990 1h 31m R
Nineteen96 poster Nineteen96 1989 1h 33m
Eight Men Out poster Eight Men Out 1988 1h 59m PG
Bad Dreams poster Bad Dreams 1988 1h 26m R
Little Nikita poster Little Nikita 1988 1h 38m PG
The Barbarians poster The Barbarians 1987 1h 27m R
Invasion U.S.A. poster Invasion U.S.A. 1985 1h 47m R
Savage Dawn poster Savage Dawn 1985 1h 42m
Cut and Run poster Cut and Run 1984 1h 30m
The Sword and the Sorcerer poster The Sword and the Sorcerer 1982 1h 40m R
The Ninth Configuration poster The Ninth Configuration 1980 1h 58m R
Midnight Pulp
Deathsport poster Deathsport 1978 1h 22m R
The Baron poster The Baron 1977 1h 29m
Starsky and Hutch poster Starsky and Hutch 1975 1h 10m
Scarecrow poster Scarecrow 1973 1h 52m R

Regularly Credited With

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4 films together
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3 films together
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His Top Genres 1
16% Horror
+ 99 more
His Top Years
10% 1994
+ 26 more
Top Character Types
100% Principal
Role Type
100% Minor

1 Genres are counted according to total films, not total genres, as such the overall total of all genress will be more than 100%.

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Richard Lynch FAQ

How old was Richard Lynch when he died?

72 years old.

When was Richard Lynch born?

12th February 1940

Where was Richard Lynch born?

Brooklyn, New York, USA

Has Richard Lynch won an Oscar?

No, he never won an Oscar.

Has Richard Lynch won a BAFTA?

No, he never won an BAFTA.

What ethnicity is Richard Lynch?

He was Caucasian.