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Robert Ginty

Robert Ginty

Born in Brooklyn, New York, USA on 14th November 1948. Died in 2009 aged 60 years old.
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Robert Ginty was an actor with a career spanning 25 years, from 1975 to 2000, starting at the age of 27. His first film was The Turning Point of Jim Malloy and his latest film was The Prophet's Game. A lot of his work was in the Action and Crime genres.

Known For


Upcoming Films (1)

Film Year Runtime Status Options
Seeing Through the Mists of Oblivion poster Seeing Through the Mists of Oblivion
15m Unknown Status
Film Film Year Runtime Rating Streaming Options
The Prophet's Game poster The Prophet's Game 2000 1h 46m
Plex Channel
Doublecross on Costa's Island poster Doublecross on Costa's Island 1997 1h 28m
Almighty Fred poster Almighty Fred 1996 1h 20m
Taken Alive poster Taken Alive 1995 1h 39m
Lady Dragon poster Lady Dragon 1992 1h 37m
Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man poster Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man 1991 1h 38m
The Great Los Angeles Earthquake poster The Great Los Angeles Earthquake 1990 3h
Vietnam Texas poster Vietnam Texas 1990 1h 32m
MadHouse poster MadHouse 1990 1h 30m
ScreenPix Apple TV Channel
Cop Target poster Cop Target 1990 1h 30m
Out on Bail poster Out on Bail 1989 1h 31m
The Bounty Hunter poster The Bounty Hunter 1989 1h 30m
Loverboy poster Loverboy 1989 1h 38m
Code Name: Vengeance poster Code Name: Vengeance 1987 1h 32m
Maniac Killer poster Maniac Killer 1987 1h 20m
Three Kinds of Heat poster Three Kinds of Heat 1987 1h 28m
Programmed to Kill poster Programmed to Kill 1987 1h 31m
Mission Kill poster Mission Kill 1985 1h 37m
Exterminator 2 poster Exterminator 2 1984 1h 29m
The Act poster The Act 1983 1h 34m
White Fire poster White Fire 1984 1h 38m
Scarab poster Scarab 1983 1h 32m
I Want to Live poster I Want to Live 1983 1h 33m
The Alchemist poster The Alchemist 1983 1h 24m
Warrior of the Lost World poster Warrior of the Lost World 1984 1h 32m
Gold Raiders poster Gold Raiders 1982 1h 46m
The Big Stuffed Dog poster The Big Stuffed Dog 1981 48m
The Exterminator poster The Exterminator 1980 1h 41m
Plex Channel
Troma NOW
Coming Home poster Coming Home 1978 2h 7m
Bound for Glory poster Bound for Glory 1976 2h 27m
The Flying Misfits poster The Flying Misfits 1976 1h 33m
Cop on the Beat poster Cop on the Beat 1975 1h 13m
The Turning Point of Jim Malloy poster The Turning Point of Jim Malloy 1975 1h 30m

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His Top Genres 1
23% Action
+ 80 more
His Top Years
13% 1990
+ 17 more
Hero or Villain?
100% Good
Role Type
100% Lead

1 Genres are counted according to total films, not total genres, as such the overall total of all genress will be more than 100%.

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Robert Ginty FAQ

How old was Robert Ginty when he died?

60 years old.

When was Robert Ginty born?

14th November 1948

Where was Robert Ginty born?

Brooklyn, New York, USA

Has Robert Ginty won an Oscar?

No, he never won an Oscar.

Has Robert Ginty won a BAFTA?

No, he never won an BAFTA.

What ethnicity is Robert Ginty?

He was Caucasian.