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Tom Sizemore

Tom Sizemore

Born in Detroit, Michigan, USA on 29th November 1961. Died in 2023 aged 61 years old.
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Tom Sizemore was an actor with a career spanning 35 years, from 1989 to 2024, starting at the age of 28. His first film was Devotion and his latest film was The Legend of Johnny Jones. A lot of his work was in the Drama and Thriller genres.

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Upcoming Films (4)

Film Year Runtime Status Options
Scarlett poster Scarlett
- Post-Production
The Magnificent Raiders of Dimension War One poster The Magnificent Raiders of Dimension War One
2024 - Unknown Status
The Legend of Johnny Jones poster The Legend of Johnny Jones
1h 31m
2024 1h 31m Pre-Production
American Trash poster American Trash 2024 - Post-Production
Film Film Year Runtime Rating Streaming Options
Someone Dies Tonight poster Someone Dies Tonight 2023 -
Buckle Up poster Buckle Up 2023 -
Breakout poster Breakout 2023 1h 25m
Bermuda Island poster Bermuda Island 2023 -
Amber Road poster Amber Road 2022 1h 27m
Mistletoe Massacre poster Mistletoe Massacre 2023 -
The Legend of Jack and Diane poster The Legend of Jack and Diane 2023 1h 36m
Battle for Pandora poster Battle for Pandora 2022 1h 24m
Night of the Tommyknockers poster Night of the Tommyknockers 2022 1h 26m
Project Skyquake poster Project Skyquake 2022 1h 12m
Impuratus poster Impuratus 2022 -
Bullet Train Down poster Bullet Train Down 2022 1h 26m
The Electric Man poster The Electric Man 2022 1h 30m
Damon's Revenge poster Damon's Revenge 2022 1h 29m R
#Unknown poster #Unknown 2021 1h 37m
VampFather poster VampFather 2022 1h 33m
Hustle Down poster Hustle Down 2021 1h 38m
Megalodon Rising poster Megalodon Rising 2021 1h 26m NR
Paramount+ with Showtime
Narco Sub poster Narco Sub 2021 1h 33m NC-17
Alien Conquest poster Alien Conquest 2021 1h 27m
Central Park Dark poster Central Park Dark 2021 1h 21m
C.L.E.A.N. poster C.L.E.A.N. 2020 1h 50m
Adam poster Adam 2020 - R
Out of Nowheresville poster Out of Nowheresville 2020 -
Apocalypse of Ice poster Apocalypse of Ice 2020 1h 30m
Monster Hunters poster Monster Hunters 2020 1h 27m
The Runners poster The Runners 2020 1h 34m R
Conjuring: The Book of the Dead poster Conjuring: The Book of the Dead 2020 -
Hell Hole poster Hell Hole 2020 -
Cross: Rise of the Villains poster Cross: Rise of the Villains 2019 1h 40m R
John Wynn's Mirror Mirror poster John Wynn's Mirror Mirror 2019 -
Abstruse poster Abstruse 2019 1h 57m
7 Deadly Sins poster 7 Deadly Sins 2019 1h 25m
Xumo Play
Wish Man poster Wish Man 2019 1h 47m NR
I Believe poster I Believe 2017 1h 29m
Hell Girl poster Hell Girl 2019 1h 21m NR
Born2Race poster Born2Race 2019 1h 20m
The Pining poster The Pining 2019 1h 13m
Xumo Play
Myra poster Myra 2019 54m NR
Speed Kills poster Speed Kills 2018 1h 42m R
Nazi Overlord poster Nazi Overlord 2018 1h 28m NR
Xumo Play
Blood Runs Thick poster Blood Runs Thick 2021 1h 30m
Prepper's Grove poster Prepper's Grove 2018 -
Dead Ringer poster Dead Ringer 2018 1h 40m
Black Wake poster Black Wake 2018 1h 31m R
The Martyr Maker poster The Martyr Maker 2018 1h 30m
Xumo Play
Unkillable poster Unkillable 2018 -
Adrenochrome poster Adrenochrome 2017 1h 25m
Radical poster Radical 2017 -
The Slider poster The Slider 2017 1h 17m
Blood Circus poster Blood Circus 2017 1h 27m
The Litch poster The Litch 2018 1h 30m
Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down the White House poster Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down the White House 2017 1h 43m PG-13
Calico Skies poster Calico Skies 2016 1h 18m
Bad Frank poster Bad Frank 2017 1h 43m
The Assault poster The Assault 2017 1h 12m R
The Immortal Wars poster The Immortal Wars 2017 1h 32m R
Atomica poster Atomica 2017 1h 21m
Joe's War poster Joe's War 2017 1h 47m
Cross Wars poster Cross Wars 2017 1h 38m
Secrets of Deception poster Secrets of Deception 2017 1h 16m
A Chance in the World poster A Chance in the World 2017 1h 46m
Xumo Play
Halloweed poster Halloweed 2016 1h 41m
Better Criminal poster Better Criminal 2016 1h 32m
Beyond Valkyrie: Dawn of the Fourth Reich poster Beyond Valkyrie: Dawn of the Fourth Reich 2016 1h 40m
USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage poster USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage 2016 2h 8m R
The Bronx Bull poster The Bronx Bull 2016 1h 34m R
Traded poster Traded 2016 1h 38m
Hunting Season poster Hunting Season 2016 1h 23m
Wolf Mother poster Wolf Mother 2016 1h 57m
Crossing Point poster Crossing Point 2016 1h 32m
Exit 14 poster Exit 14 2016 1h 30m
Weaponized poster Weaponized 2016 1h 31m NR
Durant's Never Closes poster Durant's Never Closes 2016 1h 21m
Clandestine poster Clandestine 2016 1h 58m
If I Tell You I Have to Kill You poster If I Tell You I Have to Kill You 2015 1h 30m NR
Alternate Realities poster Alternate Realities 2014 1h 41m
Night of the Living Dead: Darkest Dawn poster Night of the Living Dead: Darkest Dawn 2015 1h 20m
Swat: Unit 887 poster Swat: Unit 887 2015 1h 36m
6 Ways to Die poster 6 Ways to Die 2015 1h 43m R
Assassin's Game poster Assassin's Game 2015 1h 23m R
YouTube Premium
Private Number poster Private Number 2014 1h 35m R
Laugh Killer Laugh poster Laugh Killer Laugh 2015 1h 40m
Auteur poster Auteur 2014 1h 15m
The Intruders poster The Intruders 2015 1h 32m PG-13
Collar poster Collar 2015 2h 8m
Dark Haul poster Dark Haul 2014 1h 30m
Bordering on Bad Behavior poster Bordering on Bad Behavior 2014 1h 45m
Seal Team Eight: Behind Enemy Lines poster Seal Team Eight: Behind Enemy Lines 2014 1h 38m
5 Hour Friends poster 5 Hour Friends 2013 1h 37m
Reach Me poster Reach Me 2014 1h 35m R
Murder101 poster Murder101 2014 - PG-13
The Drunk poster The Drunk 2014 1h 30m
Before I Sleep poster Before I Sleep 2013 1h 22m
Five Thirteen poster Five Thirteen 2013 1h 45m R
Remnants poster Remnants 2013 1h 34m
Crosshairs poster Crosshairs 2013 2h
Paranormal Movie poster Paranormal Movie 2013 1h 27m NR
Chlorine poster Chlorine 2013 1h 33m NR
Meth Head poster Meth Head 2013 1h 48m
Company of Heroes poster Company of Heroes 2013 1h 40m R
Madoff: Made Off with America poster Madoff: Made Off with America 2013 1h 50m
The Forest poster The Forest 2012 1h 38m
Visible Scars poster Visible Scars 2012 1h 40m
Cellmates poster Cellmates 2012 1h 25m
Slumber Party Slaughter poster Slumber Party Slaughter 2012 -
The Colombian Connection poster The Colombian Connection 2014 1h 39m R
The Snitch Cartel poster The Snitch Cartel 2011 1h 46m R
Suing The Devil poster Suing The Devil 2011 1h 44m
Cross poster Cross 2011 1h 45m R
The Speak poster The Speak 2011 1h 23m PG-13
The Auctioneers poster The Auctioneers 2010 1h 29m
Shadows in Paradise poster Shadows in Paradise 2010 1h 27m
Double Duty poster Double Duty 2009 1h 30m
Super Capers poster Super Capers 2008 1h 38m PG
Commute poster Commute 2009 1h 12m
Corrado poster Corrado 2010 1h 17m R
The Flyboys poster The Flyboys 2008 1h 58m PG-13
Red poster Red 2008 1h 33m
Stiletto poster Stiletto 2008 1h 58m R
The Last Lullaby poster The Last Lullaby 2008 1h 33m
Toxic poster Toxic 2008 1h 28m
American Son poster American Son 2008 1h 30m R
Furnace poster Furnace 2007 1h 30m
A Broken Life poster A Broken Life 2007 1h 37m
Protecting the King poster Protecting the King 2007 1h 34m
Game of Life poster Game of Life 2007 1h 40m R
Bottom Feeder poster Bottom Feeder 2007 1h 26m PG-13
White Air poster White Air 2007 1h 21m PG
The Genius Club poster The Genius Club 2006 2h PG
Splinter poster Splinter 2006 1h 30m
Shut Up and Shoot! poster Shut Up and Shoot! 2006 1h 26m
Ring Around the Rosie poster Ring Around the Rosie 2006 1h 27m
Zyzzyx Road poster Zyzzyx Road 2006 1h 30m R
The Nickel Children poster The Nickel Children 2005 1h 35m
Born Killers poster Born Killers 2005 1h 27m R
No Rules poster No Rules 2005 1h 36m
Hustle poster Hustle 2004 1h 30m PG-13
Paparazzi poster Paparazzi 2004 1h 24m R
Dreamcatcher poster Dreamcatcher 2003 2h 16m R
Pauly Shore Is Dead poster Pauly Shore Is Dead 2003 1h 22m R
Big Trouble poster Big Trouble 2002 1h 25m PG-13
Swindle poster Swindle 2002 1h 36m
Sins of the Father poster Sins of the Father 2002 1h 30m
Welcome to America 2002 -
Black Hawk Down poster Black Hawk Down 2001 2h 24m
Pearl Harbor poster Pearl Harbor 2001 3h 3m PG-13
Ticker poster Ticker 2001 1h 32m R
Red Planet poster Red Planet 2000 1h 46m PG-13
Get Carter poster Get Carter 2000 1h 42m R
Play It to the Bone poster Play It to the Bone 1999 2h 4m
Witness Protection poster Witness Protection 1999 1h 45m
Bringing Out the Dead poster Bringing Out the Dead 1999 2h 1m R
The Match poster The Match 1999 1h 35m
The Florentine poster The Florentine 1999 1h 44m
Enemy of the State poster Enemy of the State 1998 2h 12m R
Saving Private Ryan poster Saving Private Ryan 1998 2h 49m R
Witness to the Mob poster Witness to the Mob 1998 2h 4m
The Relic poster The Relic 1997 1h 50m R
Heat poster Heat 1995 2h 50m R
Strange Days poster Strange Days 1995 2h 25m
Devil in a Blue Dress poster Devil in a Blue Dress 1995 1h 42m R
Natural Born Killers poster Natural Born Killers 1994 1h 58m R
Wyatt Earp poster Wyatt Earp 1994 3h 11m PG-13
Striking Distance poster Striking Distance 1993 1h 42m R
True Romance poster True Romance 1993 2h R
Heart and Souls poster Heart and Souls 1993 1h 44m PG-13
Watch It poster Watch It 1993 1h 42m R
An American Story poster An American Story 1992 1h 34m
Passenger 57 poster Passenger 57 1992 1h 24m R
Love Is Like That poster Love Is Like That 1992 1h 33m
Where Sleeping Dogs Lie poster Where Sleeping Dogs Lie 1991 1h 35m
Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man poster Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man 1991 1h 38m R
Guilty by Suspicion poster Guilty by Suspicion 1991 1h 40m
Point Break poster Point Break 1991 2h 2m
Flight of the Intruder poster Flight of the Intruder 1991 1h 55m PG-13
Blue Steel poster Blue Steel 1990 1h 42m R
A Matter of Degrees poster A Matter of Degrees 1990 -
Born on the Fourth of July poster Born on the Fourth of July 1989 2h 25m R
Penn & Teller Get Killed poster Penn & Teller Get Killed 1989 1h 29m R
Rude Awakening poster Rude Awakening 1989 1h 38m R
Lock Up poster Lock Up 1989 1h 55m R
Cheer Bloody Murder poster Cheer Bloody Murder 2023 -
Woods Witch poster Woods Witch 2023 -
Monstrous: Interview with a Killer poster Monstrous: Interview with a Killer 2021 -
Made Vicious poster Made Vicious 2018 -
Devotion poster Devotion 2016 1h 56m
Killer Response 2016 -
The Getter poster The Getter 2015 -

Regularly Credited With

Robert LaSardo's profile
Robert LaSardo
15 films together
Danny Trejo's profile
Danny Trejo
14 films together
Eric Roberts's profile
Eric Roberts
11 films together
Bai Ling's profile
Bai Ling
11 films together
Michael Madsen's profile
Michael Madsen
9 films together
Noel Gugliemi's profile
Noel Gugliemi
9 films together
Michael Paré's profile
Michael Paré
6 films together
Daniel Baldwin's profile
Daniel Baldwin
6 films together
Vinnie Jones's profile
Vinnie Jones
5 films together


His Top Genres 1
18% Drama
+ 445 more
His Top Years
9% 2016
+ 34 more
Top Character Types
40% Soldier
+ 3 more
Hero or Villain?
100% Good
Role Type
75% Support
+ 1 more

1 Genres are counted according to total films, not total genres, as such the overall total of all genress will be more than 100%.

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Tom Sizemore FAQ

How old was Tom Sizemore when he died?

61 years old.

When was Tom Sizemore born?

29th November 1961

Where was Tom Sizemore born?

Detroit, Michigan, USA

Has Tom Sizemore won an Oscar?

No, he never won an Oscar.

Has Tom Sizemore won a BAFTA?

No, he never won an BAFTA.

What ethnicity is Tom Sizemore?

He was Caucasian.