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Asia Argento

Asia Argento

48 years old. Born in Rome, Italy on 20th September 1975.
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Asia Argento is an actress with a career spanning 39 years, from 1985 to 2024, starting at the age of 10. Her first film was Demons 2 and her latest film will be Schirkoa: In Lies We Trust. A lot of her work has been in the Drama and Thriller genres.

Known For


Upcoming Films (2)

Film Year Runtime Status Options
Tiens ferme ta couronne - Unknown Status
Interstate - Unknown Status

Released Films (60)

Film Film Year Runtime Rating Streaming Options
Schirkoa: In Lies We Trust poster Schirkoa: In Lies We Trust 2024 1h 43m
Padre Pio poster Padre Pio 2022 1h 44m
Let Her Kill You poster Let Her Kill You 2023 1h 34m
Vera poster Vera 2022 1h 55m
Dark Glasses poster Dark Glasses 2022 1h 26m
Shudder Apple TV Channel
Sans soleil poster Sans soleil 2021 1h 39m
ÆLEKTRA poster ÆLEKTRA 2020 8m
Shongram poster Shongram 2019 1h 43m
Alien Crystal Palace poster Alien Crystal Palace 2018 1h 37m
Agony poster Agony 2020 1h 22m
Obsessive Rythms poster Obsessive Rythms 2013 1h 41m
The Voice Thief poster The Voice Thief 2013 26m
Firmeza poster Firmeza 2012 12m
Dracula 3D poster Dracula 3D 2012 1h 49m
Do not disturb poster Do not disturb 2012 2h
Cavalli poster Cavalli 2011 -
Baciato dalla fortuna poster Baciato dalla fortuna 2011 1h 40m
Drifters poster Drifters 2011 1h 51m
Islands poster Islands 2011 -
Diamond 13 poster Diamond 13 2009 1h 42m
On War poster On War 2008 2h 10m
The Mother of Tears poster The Mother of Tears 2007 1h 42m
Boarding Gate poster Boarding Gate 2007 1h 46m
The Last Mistress poster The Last Mistress 2007 1h 54m
Go Go Tales poster Go Go Tales 2007 1h 41m
Friendly Fire poster Friendly Fire 2006 44m
Transylvania poster Transylvania 2006 1h 43m
Marie Antoinette poster Marie Antoinette 2006 2h 3m
Live Freaky! Die Freaky! poster Live Freaky! Die Freaky! 2006 1h 15m
Cindy, the Doll Is Mine poster Cindy, the Doll Is Mine 2005 15m
Land of the Dead poster Land of the Dead 2005 1h 33m
Last Days poster Last Days 2005 1h 37m
The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things poster The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things 2004 1h 38m
The Keeper poster The Keeper 2004 1h 35m
Milady poster Milady 2004 -
Ginostra poster Ginostra 2002 2h 15m
The Red Siren poster The Red Siren 2002 1h 58m
xXx poster xXx 2002 2h 4m
Love Bites poster Love Bites 2001 1h 35m
Scarlet Diva poster Scarlet Diva 2000 1h 31m
Your Tongue On My Heart poster Your Tongue On My Heart 1999 4m
New Rose Hotel poster New Rose Hotel 1998 1h 33m
The Phantom of the Opera poster The Phantom of the Opera 1998 1h 39m
B. Monkey poster B. Monkey 1998 1h 34m
Viola bacia tutti poster Viola bacia tutti 1998 1h 29m
Traveling Companion poster Traveling Companion 1996 1h 44m
Bits & Pieces poster Bits & Pieces 1996 1h 46m
The Stendhal Syndrome poster The Stendhal Syndrome 1996 2h
DeGenerazione poster DeGenerazione 1994 1h 50m
Queen Margot poster Queen Margot 1994 2h 18m
Perdiamoci di vista poster Perdiamoci di vista 1994 1h 55m
Condannato a nozze poster Condannato a nozze 1993 1h 50m
Trauma poster Trauma 1993 1h 46m
Close Friends poster Close Friends 1992 1h 49m
Palombella Rossa poster Palombella Rossa 1989 1h 29m
The Church poster The Church 1989 1h 42m
Zoo poster Zoo 1988 1h 27m
Demons 2 poster Demons 2 1986 1h 31m
Sogni e bisogni poster Sogni e bisogni 1985 -
Shadow poster Shadow 2017 35m

Regularly Credited With

Daria Nicolodi
Daria Nicolodi
4 films together
Thomas Kretschmann's profile
Thomas Kretschmann
3 films together
Massimo Sarchielli
Massimo Sarchielli
3 films together
Johan Leysen's profile
Johan Leysen
3 films together
Vera Gemma's profile
Vera Gemma
3 films together
Alessandro Haber's profile
Alessandro Haber
3 films together
Christopher Walken's profile
Christopher Walken
2 films together
Dennis Hopper's profile
Dennis Hopper
2 films together


Her Top Genres 1
22% Drama
+ 112 more
Her Top Years
7% 2011
+ 29 more
Role Type
100% Lead

1 Genres are counted according to total films, not total genres, as such the overall total of all genress will be more than 100%.

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Asia Argento FAQ

How old is Asia Argento?

48 years old.

When was Asia Argento born?

20th September 1975

Where was Asia Argento born?

Rome, Italy

Has Asia Argento won an Oscar?

No, up to this point she has never won an Oscar.

Has Asia Argento won a BAFTA?

No, up to this point she has never won an BAFTA.

What ethnicity is Asia Argento?

She is Caucasian.