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Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman

56 years old. Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA on 20th June 1967.
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Nicole Kidman is an Oscar winning actress with a career spanning 41 years, from 1983 to 2024, starting at the age of 16. Her first film was Skin Deep and her latest film will be Whisper To A Scream. A lot of her work has been in the Drama and Thriller genres.

Known For


Upcoming Films (4)

Film Year Runtime Status Options
Babygirl poster Babygirl - In Development
Whisper To A Scream
1h 52m
1h 52m Unknown Status
Spellbound poster Spellbound 2024 - Post-Production
A Family Affair poster A Family Affair 2024 - Unknown Status

Released Films (85)

Film Film Year Runtime Rating Streaming Options
Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom poster Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom
as Atlanna
2023 2h 4m PG-13
The Northman poster The Northman 2022 2h 17m
Being the Ricardos poster Being the Ricardos 2021 2h 5m R
The Prom poster The Prom 2020 2h 12m
Bombshell poster Bombshell 2019 1h 49m R
The Goldfinch poster The Goldfinch 2019 2h 29m R
The Upside poster The Upside 2017 2h 6m PG-13
Destroyer poster Destroyer 2018 2h 1m
Aquaman poster Aquaman
as Atlanna
2018 2h 23m PG-13
Boy Erased poster Boy Erased 2018 1h 55m R
Great Performers: Horror Show poster Great Performers: Horror Show 2017 10m
The Killing of a Sacred Deer poster The Killing of a Sacred Deer 2017 2h 1m R
How to Talk to Girls at Parties poster How to Talk to Girls at Parties 2017 1h 43m R
The Beguiled poster The Beguiled 2017 1h 33m R
Genius poster Genius 2016 1h 44m PG-13
The Family Fang poster The Family Fang 2015 1h 45m
Lion poster Lion 2016 1h 58m PG-13
The Guardian Brothers poster The Guardian Brothers 2015 1h 43m PG
Secret in Their Eyes poster Secret in Their Eyes 2015 1h 51m
Queen of the Desert poster Queen of the Desert 2015 2h 8m
Strangerland poster Strangerland 2015 1h 51m R
Paddington poster Paddington 2014 1h 36m PG
Hello Ladies: The Movie poster Hello Ladies: The Movie 2014 1h 25m
Before I Go to Sleep poster Before I Go to Sleep 2014 1h 32m R
Grace of Monaco poster Grace of Monaco 2014 1h 43m PG-13
And the Oscar Goes To... poster And the Oscar Goes To... 2014 1h 40m NR
Captivated: The Trials of Pamela Smart poster Captivated: The Trials of Pamela Smart 2014 1h 42m
The Railway Man poster The Railway Man 2013 1h 56m R
Stoker poster Stoker 2013 1h 39m
The Paperboy poster The Paperboy 2012 1h 47m R
Hemingway & Gellhorn poster Hemingway & Gellhorn 2012 2h 35m
Trespass poster Trespass 2011 1h 31m R
Just Go with It poster Just Go with It 2011 1h 57m PG-13
Rabbit Hole poster Rabbit Hole 2010 1h 31m PG-13
Barbra Streisand And Quartet at the Village Vanguard - One Night Only poster Barbra Streisand And Quartet at the Village Vanguard - One Night Only 2010 1h 30m PG
Nine poster Nine 2009 1h 52m PG-13
Australia poster Australia 2008 2h 45m PG-13
The Golden Compass poster The Golden Compass 2007 1h 53m PG-13
Margot at the Wedding poster Margot at the Wedding 2007 1h 31m
The Invasion poster The Invasion 2007 1h 39m PG-13
Happy Feet poster Happy Feet 2006 1h 48m PG
Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus poster Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus 2006 2h 2m R
Bewitched poster Bewitched 2005 1h 42m PG-13
The Interpreter poster The Interpreter 2005 2h 8m
Birth poster Birth 2004 1h 40m
The Stepford Wives poster The Stepford Wives 2004 1h 33m PG-13
Cold Mountain poster Cold Mountain 2003 2h 34m R
The Human Stain poster The Human Stain 2003 1h 46m R
Dogville poster Dogville 2003 2h 58m R
The Hours poster The Hours 2002 1h 54m PG-13
Panic Room poster Panic Room
as Stephen's Girlfriend (Voice)
2002 1h 52m R
America: A Tribute to Heroes poster America: A Tribute to Heroes 2001 2h
Birthday Girl poster Birthday Girl 2000 1h 33m R
The Others poster The Others 2001 1h 41m PG-13
Moulin Rouge! poster Moulin Rouge!
as Satine
2001 2h 7m PG-13
Eyes Wide Shut poster Eyes Wide Shut 1999 2h 39m R
Practical Magic poster Practical Magic 1998 1h 44m PG-13
The Peacemaker poster The Peacemaker 1997 2h 4m
The Leading Man poster The Leading Man 1996 1h 40m R
The Portrait of a Lady poster The Portrait of a Lady 1996 2h 24m PG-13
To Die For poster To Die For 1995 1h 46m R
Batman Forever poster Batman Forever 1995 2h 1m PG-13
My Life poster My Life 1993 1h 54m PG-13
Malice poster Malice 1993 1h 47m R
Far and Away poster Far and Away 1992 2h 20m PG-13
Billy Bathgate poster Billy Bathgate 1991 1h 46m R
Flirting poster Flirting 1991 1h 39m R
Days of Thunder poster Days of Thunder 1990 1h 47m PG-13
Dead Calm poster Dead Calm 1989 1h 36m R
Emerald City poster Emerald City 1988 1h 32m
Room to Move poster Room to Move 1987 50m
The Bit Part poster The Bit Part 1987 1h 27m
An Australian in Rome poster An Australian in Rome 1987 1h 38m
Vietnam poster Vietnam 1987 7h 17m
Watch the Shadows Dance poster Watch the Shadows Dance 1988 1h 27m
Windrider poster Windrider 1986 1h 32m R
Archer's Adventure poster Archer's Adventure 1985 1h 33m
Wills & Burke poster Wills & Burke 1985 1h 38m
Matthew and Son poster Matthew and Son 1984 1h 15m
BMX Bandits poster BMX Bandits 1983 1h 28m PG
Bush Christmas poster Bush Christmas 1983 1h 31m
Chase Through the Night poster Chase Through the Night 1983 1h 48m
Skin Deep poster Skin Deep 1983 1h 31m
The Silent Wife 2017 -
Holland, Michigan 2015 -

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Her Top Genres 1
21% Drama
+ 242 more
Her Top Years
7% 2017
+ 40 more
Role Type
40% Support
+ 2 more

1 Genres are counted according to total films, not total genres, as such the overall total of all genress will be more than 100%.

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Nicole Kidman FAQ

How old is Nicole Kidman?

56 years old.

When was Nicole Kidman born?

20th June 1967

Where was Nicole Kidman born?

Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

How tall is Nicole Kidman?

180 centimeters, or 5 feet 11 inches

Has Nicole Kidman won an Oscar?

Yes, she has won an Oscar for the film The Hours (2002)

Has Nicole Kidman won a BAFTA?

Yes, she has won a BAFTA for the film The Hours (2002)

What ethnicity is Nicole Kidman?

She is Caucasian.