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Shannon Tweed

Shannon Tweed

67 years old. Born in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada on 10th March 1957.
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Shannon Tweed is an actress with a career spanning 33 years, from 1982 to 2015, starting at the age of 25. Her first film was Playboy Video Magazine, Volume 1 and her latest film was Sex, Marriage and Infidelity. A lot of her work has been in the Thriller and Drama genres.

Known For


Released Films (62)

Film Film Year Runtime Rating Streaming Options
Sex, Marriage and Infidelity poster Sex, Marriage and Infidelity 2015 1h 50m
Sex at 24 Frames Per Second poster Sex at 24 Frames Per Second 2003 1h 41m
Wish You Were Dead poster Wish You Were Dead 2001 1h 40m
Dead Sexy poster Dead Sexy 2001 1h 29m
Playboy's Celebrities poster Playboy's Celebrities 1998 1h 7m
The Rowdy Girls poster The Rowdy Girls 2000 1h 30m
Plex Channel
Forbidden Sins poster Forbidden Sins 1999 1h 33m
Singapore Sling poster Singapore Sling 1999 1h 37m
Detroit Rock City poster Detroit Rock City 1999 1h 35m
Powerplay poster Powerplay 1999 1h 28m
Shadow Warriors II: Assault on Death Mountain poster Shadow Warriors II: Assault on Death Mountain 1999 1h 31m
Naked Lies poster Naked Lies 1998 1h 33m
Dead by Dawn poster Dead by Dawn 1998 1h 31m
Shadow Warriors 1: Assault on Devil's Island poster Shadow Warriors 1: Assault on Devil's Island 1997 1h 36m
Human Desires poster Human Desires 1997 1h 34m
Bimbo Movie Bash poster Bimbo Movie Bash 1997 1h 20m
White Cargo poster White Cargo 1996 1h 37m
No Contest II poster No Contest II 1996 1h 26m
Electra poster Electra 1996 1h 27m
Stormy Nights poster Stormy Nights 1996 1h 27m
Indecent Behavior III poster Indecent Behavior III 1995 1h 29m
Body Chemistry 4: Full Exposure poster Body Chemistry 4: Full Exposure 1995 1h 20m
Victim of Desire poster Victim of Desire 1995 1h 25m
No Contest poster No Contest 1995 1h 38m
The Dark Dancer poster The Dark Dancer 1995 1h 38m
Indecent Behavior II poster Indecent Behavior II 1994 1h 29m
Hard Vice poster Hard Vice 1994 1h 26m
Plex Channel
Scorned poster Scorned 1993 1h 40m
Possessed by the Night poster Possessed by the Night 1994 1h 30m
Illicit Dreams poster Illicit Dreams 1994 1h 33m
Night Fire poster Night Fire 1994 1h 37m
Indecent Behavior poster Indecent Behavior 1993 1h 31m
Model by Day poster Model by Day 1994 1h 40m
Night Eyes 3 poster Night Eyes 3 1993 1h 37m
Cold Sweat poster Cold Sweat 1993 1h 33m
Sexual Response poster Sexual Response 1992 1h 30m
The Naked Truth poster The Naked Truth 1992 1h 32m
Plex Channel
Liar's Edge poster Liar's Edge 1992 1h 37m
The Last Hour poster The Last Hour 1991 1h 25m
Night Eyes II poster Night Eyes II 1991 1h 37m
Last Call poster Last Call 1991 1h 30m
Plex Channel
Tagteam poster Tagteam 1991 1h
Twisted Justice poster Twisted Justice 1990 1h 30m
Plex Channel
In the Cold of the Night poster In the Cold of the Night 1990 1h 52m
Plex Channel
Hollywood Dog poster Hollywood Dog 1990 -
Night Visitor poster Night Visitor 1989 1h 33m
Lethal Woman poster Lethal Woman 1988 1h 36m
Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death poster Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death 1989 1h 30m
Playboy Playmates of the Year: The 80's poster Playboy Playmates of the Year: The 80's 1989 55m
The Firing Line poster The Firing Line 1988 1h 29m
Longarm poster Longarm 1988 1h 13m
Code Name: Vengeance poster Code Name: Vengeance 1987 1h 32m
Dragnet poster Dragnet 1987 1h 46m
Steele Justice poster Steele Justice 1987 1h 35m
The Last Fling poster The Last Fling 1987 1h 35m
Meatballs III: Summer Job poster Meatballs III: Summer Job 1986 1h 36m
The Surrogate poster The Surrogate 1984 1h 40m
Hot Dog... The Movie poster Hot Dog... The Movie 1983 1h 36m
Plex Channel
Of Unknown Origin poster Of Unknown Origin 1983 1h 28m
Playboy Video Playmate Review poster Playboy Video Playmate Review 1983 1h 25m
Drop-Out Father poster Drop-Out Father 1982 1h 40m
Playboy Video Magazine, Volume 1 poster Playboy Video Magazine, Volume 1 1983 1h 25m

Regularly Credited With

Andrew Stevens
Andrew Stevens
5 films together
Julie Strain
Julie Strain
3 films together
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Martin Kove
3 films together
Brad Blaisdell
Brad Blaisdell
3 films together
Laura Rogers's profile
Laura Rogers
3 films together
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Maria Mayenzet
3 films together
Stella Stevens
Stella Stevens
3 films together
Rochelle Swanson
Rochelle Swanson
3 films together
Amy Lindsay
Amy Lindsay
3 films together


Her Top Genres 1
20% Thriller
+ 160 more
Her Top Years
10% 1994
+ 20 more

1 Genres are counted according to total films, not total genres, as such the overall total of all genress will be more than 100%.

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Shannon Tweed FAQ

How old is Shannon Tweed?

67 years old.

When was Shannon Tweed born?

10th March 1957

Where was Shannon Tweed born?

St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada

Has Shannon Tweed won an Oscar?

No, up to this point she has never won an Oscar.

Has Shannon Tweed won a BAFTA?

No, up to this point she has never won an BAFTA.

What ethnicity is Shannon Tweed?

She is Caucasian.