The Filmaholic


13th October 2022
1h 34m

Amanda, 24, lives mostly isolated and has never had any friends, even if it's the thing she wants the most. Amanda chooses her new mission as to convince her childhood friend to believe that they are still best friends.

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Cast and Crew

Benedetta Porcaroli
Approx Filming Approx Age ≈ 23
Galatéa Bellugi
Approx Filming Approx Age ≈ 24
Giovanna Mezzogiorno
Approx Filming Approx Age ≈ 47
Monica Nappo
Approx Filming Approx Age ≈ 50
Margherita Missoni
Approx Filming Approx Age ≈ 38


Lorenzo Levrini


Carolina Cavalli

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