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Behind Blue Skies

Also Known As: Himlen är oskyldigt blå
10th September 2010
1h 50m
Hannes Holm
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Behind Blue Skies is a 2010 Drama film released on 10th September; Hannes Holm directed the film which stars Bill Skarsgård, Peter Dalle and Björn Kjellman.

It's 1975, and Martin is a teenager looking to break out of a stifling home environment ruled by his alcoholic father and long-suffering mother. When Martin's pal Micke suggests they get jobs together as waiters at a resort off the Swedish coast, Martin is all for it, but before long Micke finds better things to do and Martin is left on his own. The presence of pretty fellow server Jenny is a major consolation, but to his surprise, guileless Martin is soon chosen as the protégé of Gösta, the resort's short-tempered manager. Gösta clearly likes Martin and makes him his right hand man, which gives Martin a crash course in the seedy side of life when he discovers Gösta has a number of other business interests, not all of which are legal or ethical.

If you started watching this film now, it would finish at approximately 3:12am.


Bill Skarsgård Bill Skarsgård
Approx Filming Age ≈ 19
Peter Dalle
Approx Filming Age ≈ 53
Björn Kjellman
Approx Filming Age ≈ 46
Josefin Ljungman
Approx Filming Age ≈ 28
Amanda Ooms
Approx Filming Age ≈ 45
Adam Pålsson
Approx Filming Age ≈ 21
Rasmus Troedsson
Approx Filming Age ≈ 45
Peter Engman
Approx Filming Age ≈ 46
Gustave Lund
Approx Filming Age ≈ 41
Erik Johansson
Approx Filming Age ≈ 30
Stig Engström
Approx Filming Age ≈ 67
Leif Andrée
Approx Filming Age ≈ 51



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