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Carry On Spying
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Carry On Spying

1st June 1964
1h 27m
Gerald Thomas

Carry On Spying is a Comedy Spy Spoof film released on 1st June 1964; Gerald Thomas directed the film which stars Kenneth Williams, Charles Hawtrey, and Barbara Windsor.


Carry On favourite Barbara Windsor makes her debut in this outrageous send-up of the James Bond movies. Fearless agent Desmond Simpkins and Charlie Bind, aided and abetted by the comely Agent Honeybutt and Agent Crump, battle against the evil powers of international bad guys STENCH and their three cronies.

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Cast (35)

Kenneth Williams's profile
Kenneth Williams
Age WhileAt Filming ≈ 37
Charles Hawtrey
Age WhileAt Filming ≈ 49
Barbara Windsor's profile
Barbara Windsor
Age WhileAt Filming ≈ 26
Eric Pohlmann's profile
Eric Pohlmann
Age WhileAt Filming ≈ 50
Victor Maddern's profile
Victor Maddern
Age WhileAt Filming ≈ 37
Jim Dale's profile
Jim Dale
Age WhileAt Filming ≈ 28
Richard Wattis's profile
Richard Wattis
Age WhileAt Filming ≈ 51
John Bluthal's profile
John Bluthal
Age WhileAt Filming ≈ 34
Norman Mitchell's profile
Norman Mitchell
Age WhileAt Filming ≈ 45
Frank Forsyth
Age WhileAt Filming ≈ 58
Bernard Cribbins's profile
Bernard Cribbins
Age WhileAt Filming ≈ 35
Eric Barker's profile
Eric Barker
Age WhileAt Filming ≈ 51
Renée Houston
Age WhileAt Filming ≈ 61
Gertan Klauber
Age WhileAt Filming ≈ 31
Hugh Futcher
Age WhileAt Filming ≈ 26
Dilys Laye
Age WhileAt Filming ≈ 29
Judith Furse
Age WhileAt Filming ≈ 51
Derek Sydney
Age WhileAt Filming ≈ 43
Anthony Baird
Age WhileAt Filming ≈ 44
Marian Collins's profile
Marian Collins
Age WhileAt Filming ≈ 25

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Carry On Spying Stats

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Estimated Ages At Time of Filming

14% 20-29
14% 30-39
11% 40-49
14% 50-59
3% 60-69
43% Unknown

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46% Female
54% Male

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100% Neutral/Unknown

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100% Unknown

Carry On Spying FAQ

When was Carry On Spying released?

Carry On Spying was released 60 years ago, on Monday June 1st, 1964.

Is Carry On Spying on Netflix?

No, Carry On Spying is not currently available on Netflix in the United States

Is Carry On Spying on Amazon Prime?

No, Carry On Spying is not currently available on Amazon Prime in the United States

Is Carry On Spying on Disney Plus?

No, Carry On Spying is not currently available on Disney+ in the United States