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Children of Men

19th September 2006
1h 49m
Alfonso Cuarón

Children of Men is a 2006 Dystopic Sci-Fi film released on 19th September; Alfonso Cuarón directed the film which stars Clive Owen, Clare-Hope Ashitey, and Chiwetel Ejiofor. The film was a box office failure, making a loss of $5,404,536 on its budget.

Rotten Tomatoes

In 2027, in a chaotic world in which women have become somehow infertile, a former activist agrees to help transport a miraculously pregnant woman to a sanctuary at sea.

If you started watching this film now, it would finish at approximately 5:56am.

Cast (77)

Clive Owen's profile Clive Owen
Age at Filming ≈ 41
Clare-Hope Ashitey's profile Clare-Hope Ashitey
Age at Filming ≈ 18
Chiwetel Ejiofor's profile Chiwetel Ejiofor
Age at Filming ≈ 28
Julianne Moore's profile Julianne Moore
Age at Filming ≈ 45
Michael Caine's profile Michael Caine Jasper Palmer
Age at Filming ≈ 72
Danny Huston's profile Danny Huston
Age at Filming ≈ 43
Peter Mullan's profile Peter Mullan
Age at Filming ≈ 46
Charlie Hunnam's profile Charlie Hunnam
Age at Filming ≈ 25
Pam Ferris's profile Pam Ferris
Age at Filming ≈ 57
Goran Kostić's profile Goran Kostić
Age at Filming ≈ 34
Miriam Karlin's profile Miriam Karlin
Age at Filming ≈ 80
Ed Westwick
Age at Filming ≈ 18
Jacek Koman's profile Jacek Koman
Age at Filming ≈ 49
Rita Davies's profile Rita Davies
Age at Filming ≈ 72
Forbes KB's profile Forbes KB
Age at Filming ≈ 40
Paul Warren
Age at Filming ≈ 31
Yolanda Vazquez
Age at Filming ≈ 45
Steve Murphy
Age at Filming ≈ 43
Tehmina Sunny's profile Tehmina Sunny
Age at Filming ≈ 25
Faruk Pruti's profile Faruk Pruti
Age at Filming ≈ 37
Nabil Shaban
Age at Filming ≈ 52
Oana Pellea
Age at Filming ≈ 43
Barry Martin
Age at Filming ≈ 78
Gary Hoptrough
Age at Filming ≈ 34
P.D. James
Age at Filming ≈ 85
Rob Curling
Age at Filming ≈ 47
Juan Gabriel Yacuzzi
Age at Filming ≈ 24
Maria McErlane
Age at Filming ≈ 48

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Production Companies

Strike Entertainment Hit & Run Productions

Children of Men Content Advisories

Children of Men Stats

Cast Age

Estimated Ages At Time of Filming

3% 13-19
5% 20-29
5% 30-39
14% 40-49
3% 50-59
4% 70-79
3% 80-89
64% Unknown

Cast Genders

Who Is Most Represented

38% Female
62% Male

Good/Bad Characters

More Heroes of Villains?

1% Good
99% Unknown

Character Types

What Characters Feature

100% Unknown

Children of Men FAQ

When was Children of Men released?

Children of Men was released on Tuesday September 19th, 2006.

Who plays the lead role(s) in Children of Men?

The lead roles are played by Clive Owen and Clare-Hope Ashitey.

How much did Children of Men cost to make?

The budget was $76,000,000.

How much money did Children of Men make?

The worldwide revenue was $70,595,464.

Is Children of Men on Netflix?

No, Children of Men is not currently available on Netflix in the United States

Is Children of Men on Amazon Prime?

No, Children of Men is not currently available on Amazon Prime in the United States

Is Children of Men on Disney Plus?

No, Children of Men is not currently available on Disney+ in the United States