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Cosmic Slop

1st January 1994
1h 23m
Reginald Hudlin, Kevin Rodney Sullivan +1 More
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Cosmic Slop is a 1994 Science Fiction film released on 1st January; Reginald Hudlin, Kevin Rodney Sullivan and Warrington Hudlin directed the film which stars Bob Gunton, Nicholas Turturro, and Robert Wisdom.


In the tradition of The Twilight Zone, this bizarre, thought-provoking trilogy addresses the destiny of the world's minorities: Part I: A conservative African American politician must choose between his people's survival and appeasing his white colleagues when space aliens propose to share their profound knowledge in exchange for all black people on earth. Part II: The Virgin Mary's appearance in an inner-city housing project forces a Hispanic priest to face the hidden cultural origins of Western religion. Part III: On the dawn of the "Black Revolution," an African American couple discovers who the "real" enemy is.

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Cast (31)

Bob Gunton's profile Bob Gunton
Age at Filming ≈ 48
Nicholas Turturro's profile Nicholas Turturro
Age at Filming ≈ 31
Robert Wisdom's profile Robert Wisdom
Age at Filming ≈ 40
Chi McBride's profile Chi McBride
Age at Filming ≈ 32
John Witherspoon's profile John Witherspoon
Age at Filming ≈ 51
Richard Herd's profile Richard Herd
Age at Filming ≈ 61
Robert Guillaume's profile Robert Guillaume
Age at Filming ≈ 66
Brock Peters's profile Brock Peters
Age at Filming ≈ 66
Reno Wilson's profile Reno Wilson
Age at Filming ≈ 24
J. Kenneth Campbell's profile J. Kenneth Campbell
Age at Filming ≈ 46
Kelly Jo Minter's profile Kelly Jo Minter
Age at Filming ≈ 27
George Wallace's profile George Wallace
Age at Filming ≈ 45
Paula Jai Parker's profile Paula Jai Parker
Age at Filming ≈ 24
Jason Bernard's profile Jason Bernard
Age at Filming ≈ 55
Daryl Mitchell
Age at Filming ≈ 28
Chino 'Fats' Williams's profile Chino 'Fats' Williams
Age at Filming ≈ 60
George Clinton
Age at Filming ≈ 52
Ebonie Smith
Age at Filming ≈ 15
Craig Kirkwood
Age at Filming ≈ 19
Michele Lamar Richards
Age at Filming ≈ 39
Larry Anderson's profile Larry Anderson
Age at Filming ≈ 41
George Logan
Age at Filming ≈ 49

Cosmic Slop FAQ

When was Cosmic Slop released?

Cosmic Slop was released 30 years ago, on Saturday January 1st, 1994.