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Dark Harvest

21st September 2022

Every fall in a small Midwestern town, a supernatural specter rises from the cornfields and makes its way toward the town’s church, where violent gangs of teenage boys hungrily await their chance to confront the legendary nightmare in an annual harvest rite of life and death called the Run. Richie Shepard lives in the shadow of his big brother who won last year’s Run and earned his ticket out of town. To prove himself and join his brother, Richie pairs up with Kelly Haines, a restless dreamer who will do whatever it takes to escape this dead-end town. Against the rules and the odds, Richie and Kelly decide to hunt down the legendary nightmare to win the Run and their freedom, together.

Dark Harvest poster

Cast and Crew

Ezra Buzzington
Approx Filming Approx Age ≈ 64
Elizabeth Reaser
Approx Filming Approx Age ≈ 46
Jeremy Davies
Jeremy Davies
Approx Filming Approx Age ≈ 52
Luke Kirby
Approx Filming Approx Age ≈ 43


Michael Gilio

Book/Novel/Source Author

Norman Partridge

Where to Watch

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Popularity by Country

This film is currently popular with German and American Filmaholics.

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