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Joshua Tree
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Joshua Tree

8th April 1993
1h 46m
Vic Armstrong

Joshua Tree is a Action film released on 8th April 1993; Vic Armstrong directed the film which stars Dolph Lundgren, Geoffrey Lewis, and George Segal.


Wellman Santee (Dolph Lundgren) a former race car driver, whose livelihood is transporting exotic stolen super cars, is involved, with his partner Eddie, in shoot out, resulting in the deaths of his friend and a highway cop. Santee is framed for the cop's murder and jailed in a maximum security prison. A few months later, Santee breaks out after narrowly escaping an attempt on his life. He reaches a local diner where he steals a car, abducts the owner, Rita and flees, completely unaware that his hostage is a deputy sheriff. A massive manhunt ensues, spearheaded by Lt. Severance a tough, obessive cop. Santee leads the detective and his men on a dramatic high speed chase, from the desert wilderness to the streets of downtown Los Angeles. Santee's out to clear his name and when it comes to getting even, he's taking revenge into overdrive.

Genres & Themes

Cast (23)

Dolph Lundgren's profile
Dolph Lundgren
Age WhileAt Filming ≈ 35
Geoffrey Lewis's profile
Geoffrey Lewis
Age WhileAt Filming ≈ 57
George Segal's profile
George Segal
Age WhileAt Filming ≈ 58
Al Leong's profile
Al Leong
Age WhileAt Filming ≈ 40
Bert Remsen's profile
Bert Remsen
Age WhileAt Filming ≈ 67
Ken Foree's profile
Ken Foree
Age WhileAt Filming ≈ 44
Nick Chinlund's profile
Nick Chinlund
Age WhileAt Filming ≈ 31
Michael Paul Chan's profile
Michael Paul Chan
Age WhileAt Filming ≈ 42
Beau Starr's profile
Beau Starr
Age WhileAt Filming ≈ 48
Jeff Imada's profile
Jeff Imada
Age WhileAt Filming ≈ 37
Khandi Alexander's profile
Khandi Alexander
Age WhileAt Filming ≈ 35
Al Goto's profile
Al Goto
Age WhileAt Filming ≈ 30
Nathan Jung's profile
Nathan Jung
Age WhileAt Filming ≈ 46
Rondi Reed
Age WhileAt Filming ≈ 40
Matt Battaglia's profile
Matt Battaglia
Age WhileAt Filming ≈ 27
Michelle Phillips's profile
Michelle Phillips
Age WhileAt Filming ≈ 48
Crystal Breeze's profile
Crystal Breeze
Age WhileAt Filming ≈ 28
Kristian Alfonso's profile
Kristian Alfonso
Age WhileAt Filming ≈ 29
Edward Stone
Age WhileAt Filming ≈ 56
George Cheung's profile
George Cheung
Age WhileAt Filming ≈ 43

Production Companies

Stone Group Pictures Epico Productions Horned Toad Productions

Joshua Tree Stats

Cast Age

Estimated Ages At Time of Filming

13% 20-29
22% 30-39
35% 40-49
13% 50-59
4% 60-69
13% Unknown

Cast Genders

Who Is Most Represented

22% Female
78% Male

Good/Bad Characters

More Heroes of Villains?

100% Neutral/Unknown

Character Types

What Characters Feature

100% Unknown

Joshua Tree FAQ

When was Joshua Tree released?

Joshua Tree was released 31 years ago, on Thursday April 8th, 1993.

How much did Joshua Tree cost to make?

The budget was $9,000,000.