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4th December 1998
1h 45m
Gus Van Sant
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A young female embezzler arrives at the Bates Motel, which has terrible secrets of its own.

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Vince Vaughn Vince Vaughn Norman Bates
Approx Filming Age ≈ 27
Anne Heche Anne Heche Marion Crane
Approx Filming Age ≈ 28
William H. Macy William H. Macy Milton Arbogast
Approx Filming Age ≈ 47
Julianne Moore Julianne Moore Lila Crane
Approx Filming Age ≈ 37
Viggo Mortensen Viggo Mortensen Sam Loomis
Approx Filming Age ≈ 39
James Remar James Remar
Approx Filming Age ≈ 44
Robert Forster Robert Forster
Approx Filming Age ≈ 56
Flea Flea Bob Summerfield
Approx Filming Age ≈ 35
Philip Baker Hall Philip Baker Hall Al Chambers
Approx Filming Age ≈ 66
James Le Gros James Le Gros
Approx Filming Age ≈ 35
Rance Howard Rance Howard George Lowery
Approx Filming Age ≈ 69
Ryan Cutrona Ryan Cutrona
Approx Filming Age ≈ 48
Roy Brocksmith
Approx Filming Age ≈ 52
Rose Marie
Approx Filming Age ≈ 74
Rita Wilson Rita Wilson
Approx Filming Age ≈ 41
Anne Haney
Approx Filming Age ≈ 63
Marjorie Lovett
Approx Filming Age ≈ 65
Ken Jenkins
Approx Filming Age ≈ 57
Chad Everett Tom Cassidy
Approx Filming Age ≈ 61
Gus Van Sant
Approx Filming Age ≈ 45

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Cast Age

Estimated Ages At Time of Filming

10% 20-29
20% 30-39
25% 40-49
15% 50-59
25% 60-69
5% 70-79

Cast Genders

Who Is Most Represented

30% Female
70% Male

Good/Bad Characters

More Heroes of Villains?

5% Bad
25% Good
70% Unknown

Character Types

What Characters Feature

5% Car Salesman
5% Cop
5% Detective
5% Motel Owner
5% Police Chief
5% Psychiatrist
10% Secretary
5% Sheriff
55% Unknown