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Romeo & Juliet

12th September 2013
1h 58m
Carlo Carlei

Romeo & Juliet is a 2013 Romantic Drama film released on 12th September; Carlo Carlei directed the film which stars Damian Lewis, Stellan Skarsgård, and Natascha McElhone.

Rotten Tomatoes

In Verona, bad blood between the Montague and Capulet families leads to much bitterness. Despite the hostility, Romeo Montague manages an invitation to a masked ball at the estate of the Capulets and meets Juliet, their daughter. The two are instantly smitten but dismayed to learn that their families are enemies. Romeo and Juliet figure out a way to pursue their romance, but Romeo is banished for his part in the slaying of Juliet's cousin, Tybalt.

If you started watching this film now, it would finish at approximately 4:20pm.

Cast (20)

Damian Lewis's profile Damian Lewis
Age at Filming ≈ 41
Stellan Skarsgård's profile Stellan Skarsgård
Age at Filming ≈ 61
Natascha McElhone's profile Natascha McElhone
Age at Filming ≈ 43
Paul Giamatti's profile Paul Giamatti
Age at Filming ≈ 45
Lesley Manville's profile Lesley Manville
Age at Filming ≈ 56
Kodi Smit-McPhee's profile Kodi Smit-McPhee
Age at Filming ≈ 16
Tomas Arana's profile Tomas Arana
Age at Filming ≈ 57
Hailee Steinfeld's profile Hailee Steinfeld
Age at Filming ≈ 16
Douglas Booth's profile Douglas Booth
Age at Filming ≈ 20
Laura Morante's profile Laura Morante
Age at Filming ≈ 56
Clive Riche's profile Clive Riche
Age at Filming ≈ 60
Ed Westwick
Age at Filming ≈ 25
Tom Wisdom's profile Tom Wisdom
Age at Filming ≈ 39
Matt Patresi's profile Matt Patresi
Age at Filming ≈ 46
Leon Vitali's profile Leon Vitali
Age at Filming ≈ 64
Christian Cooke
Age at Filming ≈ 25
Nathalie Rapti Gomez
Age at Filming ≈ 28

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Production Companies

Echo Lake Entertainment Amber Entertainment

Romeo & Juliet Stats

Cast Age

Estimated Ages At Time of Filming

10% 13-19
20% 20-29
5% 30-39
20% 40-49
15% 50-59
15% 60-69
15% Unknown

Cast Genders

Who Is Most Represented

25% Female
75% Male

Good/Bad Characters

More Heroes of Villains?

100% Unknown

Character Types

What Characters Feature

100% Unknown

Romeo & Juliet FAQ

When was Romeo & Juliet released?

Romeo & Juliet was released on Thursday September 12th, 2013.

How much money did Romeo & Juliet make?

The worldwide revenue was $1,162,635.

Is Romeo & Juliet on Netflix?

No, Romeo & Juliet is not currently available on Netflix in the United States

Is Romeo & Juliet on Amazon Prime?

Yes, Romeo & Juliet is currently available on Amazon Prime in the United States

Is Romeo & Juliet on Disney Plus?

No, Romeo & Juliet is not currently available on Disney+ in the United States