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The Lost Village

23rd March 2017
1h 29m
Kelly Asbury

Smurfs: The Lost Village is a 2017 Adventure Animation film released on 23rd March; Kelly Asbury directed the film which stars Julia Roberts, Michelle Rodriguez, and Rainn Wilson. The film is a sequel to the 2013 film The Smurfs 2. The film was a box office success, earning a profit of $137,183,546 on its budget.


In this fully animated, all-new take on the Smurfs, a mysterious map sets Smurfette and her friends Brainy, Clumsy and Hefty on an exciting race through the Forbidden Forest leading to the discovery of the biggest secret in Smurf history.

Cast (48)

Julia Roberts's profile Julia Roberts
Age at Filming ≈ 49
Michelle Rodriguez's profile Michelle Rodriguez
Age at Filming ≈ 38
Rainn Wilson's profile Rainn Wilson
Age at Filming ≈ 50
Jake Johnson's profile Jake Johnson
Age at Filming ≈ 38
Dee Bradley Baker's profile Dee Bradley Baker
Age at Filming ≈ 54
Tara Strong's profile Tara Strong
Age at Filming ≈ 43
Bob Bergen's profile Bob Bergen
Age at Filming ≈ 52
Scott Menville's profile Scott Menville
Age at Filming ≈ 45
Kari Wahlgren's profile Kari Wahlgren
Age at Filming ≈ 39
Debi Derryberry's profile Debi Derryberry
Age at Filming ≈ 49
Mandy Patinkin's profile Mandy Patinkin
Age at Filming ≈ 64
Ariel Winter's profile Ariel Winter
Age at Filming ≈ 18
Jack McBrayer's profile Jack McBrayer
Age at Filming ≈ 43
Eric Bauza's profile Eric Bauza
Age at Filming ≈ 37
Joe Manganiello's profile Joe Manganiello
Age at Filming ≈ 40
Ellie Kemper's profile Ellie Kemper
Age at Filming ≈ 36
Gabriel Iglesias's profile Gabriel Iglesias
Age at Filming ≈ 40
Yuri Lowenthal's profile Yuri Lowenthal
Age at Filming ≈ 45
Matthew Wood's profile Matthew Wood
Age at Filming ≈ 44
Jeff Fischer's profile Jeff Fischer
Age at Filming ≈ 48
Courtney Peldon's profile Courtney Peldon
Age at Filming ≈ 35
Josh Keaton's profile Josh Keaton
Age at Filming ≈ 37
Danny Pudi's profile Danny Pudi
Age at Filming ≈ 37
Ashley Bell's profile Ashley Bell
Age at Filming ≈ 30
Max Mittelman
Age at Filming ≈ 26
Jennifer Crystal Foley
Age at Filming ≈ 43
Marcella Lentz-Pope's profile Marcella Lentz-Pope
Age at Filming ≈ 28
Jeff Dunham's profile Jeff Dunham
Age at Filming ≈ 54
Shelby Young's profile Shelby Young
Age at Filming ≈ 24
Tituss Burgess's profile Tituss Burgess
Age at Filming ≈ 37
Demi Lovato
Age at Filming ≈ 24
Kelly Asbury
Age at Filming ≈ 56
Lisa Wilhoit
Age at Filming ≈ 35
Meghan Trainor's profile Meghan Trainor
Age at Filming ≈ 23
Gordon Ramsay
Age at Filming ≈ 50
Frank Welker's profile Frank Welker
Age at Filming ≈ 70

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Production Companies

Kerner Entertainment Company

Smurfs: The Lost Village Stats

Cast Age

Estimated Ages At Time of Filming

2% 13-19
10% 20-29
23% 30-39
23% 40-49
13% 50-59
2% 60-69
2% 70-79
25% Unknown

Cast Genders

Who Is Most Represented

46% Female
54% Male

Good/Bad Characters

More Heroes of Villains?

100% Neutral/Unknown

Character Types

What Characters Feature

100% Unknown

Smurfs: The Lost Village FAQ

When was Smurfs: The Lost Village released?

Smurfs: The Lost Village was released 7 years ago, on Thursday March 23rd, 2017.

How much did Smurfs: The Lost Village cost to make?

The budget was $60,000,000.

How much money did Smurfs: The Lost Village make?

The worldwide revenue was $197,183,546.

Is Smurfs: The Lost Village on Netflix?

No, Smurfs: The Lost Village is not currently available on Netflix in the United States

Is Smurfs: The Lost Village on Amazon Prime?

No, Smurfs: The Lost Village is not currently available on Amazon Prime in the United States

Is Smurfs: The Lost Village on Disney Plus?

No, Smurfs: The Lost Village is not currently available on Disney+ in the United States