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Taking Sides

Taking Sides is a 2001 Musical Drama film released on 7th March; István Szabó directed the film which stars Harvey Keitel, Stellan Skarsgård, and R. Lee Ermey.


One of the most spectacular and renowned conductors of the 1930s, Wilhelm Furtwangler's reputation rivaled that of Toscanini's. After the war, he was investigated as part of the Allies' de-Nazification programme. In the bombed-out Berlin of the immediate post-war period, the Allies slowly bring law and order to bear on an occupied Germany. An American major is given the Furtwangler file, and is told to find everything he can and to prosecute the man ruthlessly. Tough and hard-nosed, Major Steve Arnold sets out to investigate a world of which he knows nothing.

If you started watching this film now, it would finish at approximately 3:32pm.

Cast (25)

Harvey Keitel's profile Harvey Keitel
Age at Filming ≈ 61
Stellan Skarsgård's profile Stellan Skarsgård
Age at Filming ≈ 49
R. Lee Ermey's profile R. Lee Ermey
Age at Filming ≈ 56
Garrick Hagon's profile Garrick Hagon
Age at Filming ≈ 61
Hanns Zischler's profile Hanns Zischler
Age at Filming ≈ 53
Moritz Bleibtreu's profile Moritz Bleibtreu
Age at Filming ≈ 29
Thomas Thieme's profile Thomas Thieme
Age at Filming ≈ 52
Ulrich Tukur's profile Ulrich Tukur
Age at Filming ≈ 43
August Zirner's profile August Zirner
Age at Filming ≈ 44
Thomas Morris
Age at Filming ≈ 34
Oleg Tabakov's profile Oleg Tabakov
Age at Filming ≈ 47
Armin Rohde
Age at Filming ≈ 45
Birgit Minichmayr's profile Birgit Minichmayr
Age at Filming ≈ 23
Jarreth J. Merz
Age at Filming ≈ 30
Robin Renucci
Age at Filming ≈ 44
Philip Bowen
Age at Filming ≈ 51
Frank Leboeuf
Age at Filming ≈ 32
Holger Schober
Age at Filming ≈ 24

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Updated: 15th Jan 2024, 5:47pm

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Production Companies

Little Big Bear Filmproduktion GmbH Paladin Production S.A. Maecenas Film- und Fernseh GmbH

Taking Sides Stats

Cast Age

Estimated Ages At Time of Filming

12% 20-29
12% 30-39
24% 40-49
16% 50-59
8% 60-69
4% 80-89
24% Unknown

Cast Genders

Who Is Most Represented

8% Female
92% Male

Good/Bad Characters

More Heroes of Villains?

100% Unknown

Character Types

What Characters Feature

100% Unknown

Taking Sides FAQ

When was Taking Sides released?

Taking Sides was released on Thursday March 7th, 2002.

How much did Taking Sides cost to make?

The budget was $20,000,000.

Is Taking Sides on Netflix?

No, Taking Sides is not currently available on Netflix in the United States

Is Taking Sides on Amazon Prime?

Yes, Taking Sides is currently available on Amazon Prime in the United States

Is Taking Sides on Disney Plus?

No, Taking Sides is not currently available on Disney+ in the United States