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The Rhino Brothers

1st July 2002
1h 33m
Dwayne Beaver

The Rhino Brothers is a 2001 Drama film released on 1st July; Dwayne Beaver directed the film which stars Emily Tennant, Gabrielle Rose, and Alistair Abell.


After a stint in the minor leagues, young hockey player Stefan Kanachowski (Curtis Bechdholt) returns to his tiny hometown to live with his girlfriend (Deanna Milligan) and hit the ice with his older brothers, Sasha (William McDonald) and Victor (Alistair Abell), who play for a local amateur team called the Rhinos. But even though no one wants to say it, they're all thinking the same thing: Has Stefan lost his shot at the big time?

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The Rhino Brothers FAQ

When was The Rhino Brothers released?

The Rhino Brothers was released 21 years ago, on Monday July 1st, 2002.