The Filmaholic


Also Known As: Videomannen
5.5/10 Rotten Tomatoes 100% IMDb 5.8/10 Avg: 7.1/10

A VHS collector with a drinking problem finds a valuable movie that could save his terrible economical situation. The film disappears. He suspects it is stolen and starts a hunt for the perpetrator while trying to maintain a new relationship with a fellow broken soul.

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Filmaholics generally rate this film as okay and describe it as Nostalgic and Original.
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Cast and Crew

Stefan Sauk
Approx Filming Approx Age ≈ 62
Lena Nilsson
Approx Filming Approx Age ≈ 55
Carolin Stoltz
Approx Filming Approx Age ≈ 36
Anna Wallander
Approx Filming Approx Age ≈ 52
Victor von Schirach
Approx Filming Approx Age ≈ 33
Amanda Ooms
Approx Filming Approx Age ≈ 53
Sven Wollter
Approx Filming Approx Age ≈ 83
Martin Wallström
Approx Filming Approx Age ≈ 34
Morgan Alling
Approx Filming Approx Age ≈ 49

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This film is currently popular with British Filmaholics.

Most Often Described As

34% Nostalgic
34% Original
34% Sad


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Alcohol Use
Drug Use
Male-Female Violence
Sexual Content
Spiked Drink
Tobacco Use

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