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1st January 2023
Cara Brennan, Jackie Payne
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Werewolf Game

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Werewolf Game is a 2023 Horror film released on 1st January; Cara Brennan and Jackie Payne directed the film which stars Tony Todd, Bai Ling and Robert Picardo.

Horror-mystery movie based on an adult party game of social deduction created by Dimitry Davidoff in 1986. Twelve kidnapped strangers must play a game where they vote on who amongst them to murder. At night, the "werewolves" hidden among them come out to brutally kill one of the 12 "villagers" in return. The days repeat until one winning group remains.

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Cast Age

Estimated Ages At Time of Filming

7% 30-39
7% 50-59
14% 60-69
71% Unknown

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Who Is Most Represented

29% Female
36% Male
36% Unknown

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100% Unknown

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100% Unknown