The Filmaholic

Five easy watch films Now on Netflix
February 23rd, 2022

There are times when you feel like a film that demands your attention, or one that is going to make you think; but sometimes you just feel like an easy watch, something to entertain you while stuffing your face with popcorn. Here's a selection of films that fit the bill and are available on Netflix at the time of writing.

Spider-Man (2002)

While newer generations may think of Tom Holland as Spider-Man, it was Tobey Maguire that brought the superhero to the big screen with mainstream success, long before the 700 films in the contemporary MCU.

This outing for the superhero is fun and lively, and doesn't take itself too seriously, it's the perfect 2 hours of pure popcorn entertainment.

Twister (1996)

What could be more entertaining than watching Bill Paxton storm chasing!? This perfect slice of 90s disaster film has always been a guilty-pleasure.

Following Bill Harding, an ex-storm chaser who gets dragged back into the on-the-edge excitement of chasing tornados; this is a whirlwind ride that will keep you glued to the screen, no matter how many times you've given it a spin.

Shaun of the Dead (2004)

Shaun of the Dead is a classic that has great rewatch value, with enough laughs to make you choke on your popcorn (but hopefully not too badly).

A zom-rom-com that has been lauded by the father of zombie films, George Romero, along with horror novelist Stephen King, and Quentin Tarantino. If that doesn't convince you, what will!?

Death Becomes Her (1992)

A cult classic that is the perfect film for a Sunday afternoon, but also a great choice for any time you're looking for an easy watch.

Featuring some of the biggest stars of the time – Meryl Streep, Goldie Hawn, and Bruce Willis – this enjoyable poke at ageism and vanity is pure fun from start to finish.

Jumanji (1995)

Much like Spider-Man at the start of this list, the younger filmaholics out there are probably more familiar with 2017's Welcome to the Jungle and 2019's The Next Level.

While those two were fun to watch, they can't compete with the 1995 original starring the outstanding Robin Williams and featuring everything from homicidal motorbike riding monkeys and man-eating crocodiles to a crazed hunter determined to kill Alan Parrish.