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The Filmaholic

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Filmaholic?

The Filmaholic is a website to track the films (and mini-series) that you've seen, get interesting personal stats on your watch history and discover new films to watch with the tools and curated lists provided by the site and its users.

Can I Watch Films on The Filmaholic?

No, it is not possible to watch any films on the The Filmaholic. The site does offer an option to find where to stream films, but only those that are legal, free or premium. You will never find any links to illegal streaming sites.

Do I Have to Pay to Use the Site?

No, the site is completely free to use and you can use the site forever without paying a penny if you wish, but you will not have access to a lot of the more advanced and better features of the website. The Filmaholic is a Freemium website meaning that it's free unless you wish to pay for access to more advanced features.

Can I Transfer My Ratings and Watchlist From IMDb?

Yes, The Filmaholic provides two easy-to-use tools to transfer over your watches (reviews) and watchlist. Simply export them to CSV on IMDb and then go to the Import Watches and Import Watchlist screens.

How do I mark a film as watched if I can't remember when I watched it?

To do this, just click the "I've Seen This" button on a film page. This will mark the film as seen but will not attach a date to it, so it will be available in your watch history and you can rate it, and it will be considered in your all-time stats, but not weekly, monthly, or yearly.

Can I Delete Watched Films From My History?

This is currently available to subscribed A-Lister users. It's unavailable to free users at this time as it would dramatically increase hosting usage costs.