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The core features of The Filmaholic will always be free, but purchasing an A-Lister plan helps massively with my costs for running and developing The Filmaholic.

Monthly Most Popular

$2.49 monthly

The most popular option. Less than the price of a cup of coffee!



$25.00 yearly

12 Months for the Price of 10! Save money by paying annually.


Lifetime Best Value

$149.95 one-off

A one off cost for those that don't like subscriptions. Never pay again!



$4.25 monthly

Contribute more per month to help with costs and further development.


As an A lister, here are just a few of the benefits you will receive that are not available to free users...

A-List Exclusive Statistics

A-Listers get a huge amount of statistics and information that aren't available to free members including your top films, directors, actors, genres, characters, years, decades and much much more.

Unlike other services, you won't have to wait until the end of the year to see your stats, they're always available!

Plus, you can access weekly, monthly and yearly statistics from the day you signed up as a free user.

Plex Scrobbler

A-Listers get access to the Plex webhook which automatically tracks your watches. Anything you watch in Plex will be tracked for you when you have watched 90% of a film. *PlexPass Required.

Support The Site

The Filmaholic has been developed and managed by a one-man team since the first day; becoming an A Lister helps me with the very high costs of running and maintaining the site.

Account Privacy

A-Listers get more privacy options, so if you feel like you need to hide the fact you're watching The Notebook for the third time this week, or you want to completely hide your profile/activity, you can!

Exclusive New Features

If you are a "Backer" A-Lister, you'll get access to brand new features before any other users. This feature will be completely exclusive to those on the "backer" plan!

Improved Film Recommendations

Additional options to filter by decade, genre, genre pairings, language, watched/unwatched films, as well as the runtime offered to free users.

Widgets Upcoming

Image and embeddable widgets to share your profile stats and what you're watching.

Progress Tracking

A-Listers have access to progression stats and filters for boxsets, lists, genres, years, actors/actresses and directors to easily see which films you have and haven't seen.

Create Lists

Only A-Listers will have the ability to create custom lists when the in-development feature is made available to users. As an early adopter, you will get priority access.

Streaming Options Upcoming

Only A-Listers will have the ability to filter streaming options by the services they use. In future, bonus features such as 'Now Streaming' for actors and directors will be A-List exclusive.

Priority App Access Upcoming

A-Listers will have priority access to the in-development Android and iOS app. The plan is to have the A-Lister beta ready by the end of 2022, if not before.

Plus much, much more!

I'm continuing to add and fine-tune features so there will be much more to come, both for a-listers and, in all likelihood, more "Backer" exclusives