The Filmaholic

The Filmaholic's Saturday ScareFest Triple-Bill

For Saturday 4th September, 2021

A triple bill of great (and sometimes so-bad-they're-good) horror films to put the frighteners on your Saturday night!

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3. The Descent (2005)

We're starting a triple-bill of creature features for our Saturday ScareFest with this claustrophobic horror from the director of 2002's Dog Soldiers. Six friends reunite for a caving expedition but things soon take a turn for the worst when they become trapped in an unexplored section of the cave.

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2. The Fly (1986)

Next up is The Fly, a rare case of a remake being superior to the original. Jeff Goldblum is the scientest who has discovered breakthrough in teleportation, but after making himself the test subject he discovers that his invention can do more than simply transport, it can transform.

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1. Mimic (1997)

This week's final creature feature is a creepy hit from the master Guillermo del Toro. Genetic modification of nature for human benefit really comes back to bite us. Entomologist Dr. Susan Tyler must stop the monster she created three years prior, before it picks off the entire population of NYC.

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