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The 6 Best Epix Films, January 2023

A list of the 6 best films on Epix in the United States (US) currently, ordered by a special algorithm combining critic and public ratings, along with their rating on The Filmaholic. Please note, in most cases you are required to have an active Epix subscription to watch these films on this service.

Rank Poster Film Year Director(s) Runtime Rating

Top Gun: Maverick

2022 Joseph Kosinski 2h 11m 8.4/10


1987 Paul Verhoeven 1h 42m 7.68/10

The Transporter

2002 Louis Leterrier Corey Yuen 1h 32m 6.9/10

The Living Daylights

1987 John Glen 2h 10m 6.35/10


2015 Pedro Morelli 1h 36m 6.1/10

The Peacemaker

1997 Mimi Leder 2h 4m 6/10